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    Farming Automation for PC


    To give players additional options for daily farming and make it more enjoyable while new features arrive, this is not a set and forget option, players still need to be actively involved and monitor progress.

    We will do this by installing an android OS environment on a PC and then setting up a tool that can select troopers, launch a game level, retrieve loot and repeat until:
    • Inventory is full
    • Troopers have fought for the day
    • SOT runs out
    • NF happens (MACL0, PVTEO, APMA and friends).
    • It's stopped.

    This is a mostly reliable process but still requires attention however if taken care of properly it can help you and your troopers.

    Windows OS.

    Installation of android emulator, here we have a few options, there are many more but these work well:
    Amiduos (Free 30 day trial , then $10 or $15 if you want to keep using it)
    Amiduos needs one exta step to install the google store, details here:

    Installation of automating tool and script:

    Source code for the non-intrusive script for auto-clicking:

    1. Select download and install an emulator, some links are provided above.
      The installation is simple enough just download the file from any of the links or run a web search and execute on your OS.
    2. Next download and install autohotkey, take note of the install location on your computer.
      Once this is installed you will need to create a file for the script.
      You can use any text editor like notepad.exe for this, just be sure it's pure text file, not .doc,.rtf etc.
    3. So create/open a new text file and copy/paste on it the contents from or the post below.
    4. Save the file to your autoclick install location, i.e: 'C:\Program Files\AutoHotkey' on my computer, using the name 'AutoHotkey.ahk' as in 'C:\Program Files\AutoHotkey\AutoHotkey.ahk'.
      Ensure that the file is saved as 'AutoHotkey' with an '.ahk' extension as in: 'AutoHotkey.ahk'
    5. If you want to make your life easier in the future I suggest to create a desktop shortcut for the .ahk file at this time (right click on file -> Send To -> Desktop).

    Well done!, the installation is complete at this point.

    Tool launch and settings:
    1. Open Autohotkey and execute the script, its Very important to 'Run as Administrator', otherwise the application might not be able to detect your clicks on the screen when setting up the click positions, ways to do this:
      • Windows Menu -> AutoHotKey -> Right click -> Run as administrator.
      • Go to the autohotkey directory right click on the 'Autohotkey.ahk' file we just created -> Run as administrator.
      • Right click on the desktop shortcut -> Run as administrator.

      If all goes well you will notice a floating message below your mouse pointer saying:
      Press (Alt + Backspace) to toggle autoclicker
      Press (Alt + Dash(-)) for options

      Just wait a few seconds and it will dissapear, this means that everything is working OK so far.
      If instead a window shows with help details this means the script was not correctly configured, please review that it is located at the same folder where autohotkey is installed and that is named 'AutoHotkey.ahk'
    2. Press at the same time the keyboard combination 'Alt + -' and a window will pop:
      Set the settings as the picture below:
      Name:  ahk.png
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      If you computer is very fast you might reduce the 'seconds per click option to maybe '9' secs. but it's safer to give it time to load each screen, so you will have to adjust this depending on your system.
      '11' works OK here, but you can go up or down as desired.
      If you want to auto-farm without troopers, set the 'Total click locations' to '4'
    3. Now click the 'Set' button and everything should be ready, next step is to indicate the tool where we want it to click.

    Setting the game:
    1. Open your android emulator.
    2. Set up your google play account. (Only needed for the first time launch and Google store download).
    3. Download and install Legacy of the Bugs, sorry, Beast.
    4. Open the game and Login into your account.
    5. Once there you must select which level you want to be running for your troopers.
      If you want to maximize SoT usage and treasure Kingdom of Sands on Madness should be good for this
      If SoT usage is not a problem and you have a strong enough team you can go and autofarm on any other level even LoL or BNW.
      Here it's important to consider that as the script can't differentiate an Eddie vs non-Eddie character your team will have to fight with less characters than usual.
      Team setup must be:
      • 1 to 2 Eddies
      • 1 non-Eddie

      It goes without saying that unless one has a strong team it's advised to stick to the easy levels or else risk the death of troopers.
    6. Once positioned at the desired level's character selection screen where the Battle button is click on it and... Let the battle commence!.
    7. After the battle starts click on the top right auto-run/auto-farm button and wait till the level is complete and the Victory message pops up.
      Now the game should be waiting for your input to continue, it is at this point that we complete the process by finally indicating the autoclicker where it should be doing it's clicking.
    8. Press the keyboard combination 'Alt + Backspace' (<-)
      A message will show 'Click location one', I suggest you click on the 'T' of the Victory word, but you can click anywhere, be aware that you don't want to click on a place where other clickable items will show in the future so, 'T' is Ok.
    9. Wait for the chest to Open, Click 'OK'
    10. Click 'Replay'
    11. Wait for next screen to load... Click on the first trooper available to the left.
    12. Click on Battle!
    13. Congratulations!, the game should be running itself now!.

    A few last points:
    • If you want to stop 'auto-clicking' just press 'Alt + Backspace', a message 'Autoclick Disabled' will show, press 'Alt + Backspace' again to re-enable.
    • If the clicks messed up during setup: use 'Alt + -' then when a window opens click 'Reset' then 'Set', the tool should be ready for your new input, run thru the level to the end, 'Alt + Backspace' on the victory screen and click away.
    • If you want to switch from trooper farm to solo farm you will need to reset the click positions from 5 to 4, press 'Alt + -', the settings window will show, select 4 'Click Locations', press Reset, then Set, and run thru the end of the level, 'Alt + Backspace' at Victory message and click away.
    • Be sure that 'auto-farm' is enabled else the game will just wait for your input once the battle starts.
    • Maybe glance from time to time see if things are going ok and ugly MACLO or other hasn't shown.
    • Also make sure you have enough space in your inventory before starting so it won't get full of talismans too soon.
    • For everyday usage, once you start the auto-click tool select the positions and seconds per click, then run steps 6-12, enjoy !.

    Reserving next post for future updates or other.

    Up the Irons!!!
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