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    Today is truly a sad day...

    Queue the sad music

    Today we lost an important person in the history of history.

    Lets all have a moment of silence, so i can then reveal, the hideous truth of what has become of this land..

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    Its been fun being the king, but u see "no king rules forever", very wise words by king terenas, or maybe it wasnt him, been a while since i checked wow lore.

    As u can clearly tell if u have vision, slauki here, an old time member and personal friend of mine has backstabbed me and robbed me of my right to rule, so I humbly ask of you guys to remember him as "slauki the piece of shit, nekro's backstabber" or dont, idc.

    Grats to slauki in becoming no1 through quality posts.

    End the sad music. Or dont, its a good song

    Acknowledge me or im gonna castrate this cow

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