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    Valkyries, What Happens When Terrible Ideas Get Approved

    As far as characters go, I've always enjoyed the ones that were featured in LotB. There have been a few swings and misses here and there, but none have swung further from the plate than the Valkyries. Sure, the look of them is fairly questionable, not to mention their place in Maiden lore or that NF also made them four of the better characters in the game with the intention of getting people to use them frequently, but calling them valkyries when they look like anything but valkyries is insulting to my intelligence.

    They and the reason given by the Nodding Frog staff is something that should be looked at just a bit more closely. I believe their reasoning was along the lines of, "to draw different types of players to the game" which is fine if you're willing to accept that as a reason, but my question is, "What type of players are you speaking of?", because I don't really see a bunch of new players here solely to get those chars after a month or so of them being around. As a matter of fact, I see more leaving than arriving, but I think that might be more bug-related than hentai invasion.

    While I'm not against voluptuous women, I don't think it's really something we needed to have in the game. Calling them Valkries is also equally a bad choice as their look is nothing like they are depicted in norse legends. Even their names, while close, still kinda miss the mark. Should that be an issue? Well, when you start giving chars their own specific names like Kari, Val, Ragna and Eda, yeah they should be a bit smarter about it.

    I know I'm probably alone on this one but who approved those graphics? Harvey Weinstein? Seriously NF, get with the times and at least think about making them look like they should, you know, like they actually come from norse mythology... like they could maybe have gone into a fight alongside Viking Ed, Invaders stylie.. that or maybe swap the Valkyrie name with one that could have been in Star Wars: Masters of Teräs Käsi... like Darth Hentai!
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    I think that the problem that I saw is that a Valkyrie would look almost exactly like the green harpy. Wings, helmet, spear - sure, they could have gone with a slightly different model (I would have certainly suggested that route), what they did instead was go with some kind of Mega Man wet dream

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    I think it is more of a lure to the far east - to the Asian market who are very big on Manga style 'looks' - however questionable these looks are of course - taste varies I guess. I have no major problem with the models as I see them maybe as Valkyries but from a BNW (futuristic world) as I think they were designed to be from that world - the fit with the look of other BNW based characters in the game so there is a logic there for me anyway. I also get needing to tap into other markets to spread the game wider into different gamers - maybe more non-Maiden fans?

    The large chest aspect - well like many movie based looks into Norse mythology these characters tend to be larger than life don't they - muscles and outfits which make them look bigger than they are (Thor or his Marvel cohorts for example) so again I see the route they are taking - again pretty much fine with me though in general I am still not convinced that they have anything much to do with Maiden cannon......tenuous to say the least but again that does not put me up nor down to be honest. Toon characters are more difficult to populate I think so there are bound to be tenuous links in the future too as the roster expands.
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    They need new players and they though that those hentai dolls along with the cartoon style look characters that followed them wouldn't mind the existing players that started playing the game because of Iron Maiden.
    They don't understand the philosophy of a band like Iron Maiden and the culture of metal fans in general, they just need to milk money no matter what. They prefer the 12 year olds that will play for a month until they find another game and not the loyal, for many decades, fans.

    We got 150 useless benched toons that look great yet not only they introduced those hentai dolls but they made them superOP so that they are everywhere now. And where are those new players anyway?
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    Maybe they should just had called them Groupies instead... Would had been a perfect fit & everyone would've been fine with their hentai look
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