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    High Level Sacrifice Chart

    I've seen alot of people talking about sacrificing 4 and 5* characters and talking about not feeling like they get an equal reward or that they regret wasting valuable toons. A while ago I made myself a guideline for all of the rare characters and how they should be sacrificed. These are the guidelines that I follow and I figured that it might help some people when they decide whether or not to throw out some characters.
    This is mainly focused on the two highest tiers and how you can get the best results from them for the right price. Note that if you double the base requirement, you will receive 6 rewards instead of 3. All the characters are supposed to be maxed out with a couple of exceptions. For certain parts, you will need to put out a couple skill shards for that small extra boost, but not a high amount just enough to bring you to the right amount.

    Exalted 20k:
    4* WMS Non Eddie

    This is probably the most common one you will do, so you would want to use the most common ones you see. So any Warrior, Magus, or Sentinel that's a natural 4* and not an Eddie character will do. When you Max them out they will give you 3,200 essence, which makes them perfect candidates for this tier.

    Exalted 40k:
    4* WMS Eddie
    4* GA Non Eddie (Shards)

    This takes a bit more effort because the characters you need are limited to 4* Eddie's and Gunner/Assassin characters. When an Eddie like this is maxed out, he's worth 4,000 essence, having 10 of them will perfectly fill the needed amount. With G/A toons, their maximum essence value is 3,600. Having 10 would put you close to 40,000 but you'll need 10 skill shards to top it off. This level will give you 6 rewards, so losing 10 skill shards is worth it.

    Ultimate 50k:
    4* GA Eddie (Shards)
    5* WMSGA Non Eddie

    This is the highest Tier you can usually get, so you'll need very rare characters to climb this high. There's only 2 Eddie's that are at the right levels for this, Navigator and Tailgunner. 10 of those Eddie's are worth 4,400 essence, so you'll need 15 skill shards to add to them. On the other hand, this is where any 5* character excluding Eddie will come into hand, maxing out at 8,000 for Warrior, Magus and Sentinel types, and 9,000 for Gunner and Assassin types. The reason why I put them here is because you would need too many skill shards for them to be worth the next level.

    Ultimate 100k:
    5* WMSGA Eddie

    This is literally the highest possible sacrifice that you can make. I checked and 100k is enough for an entire ring fill. I should mention that if you try to put out more than 100k the ring won't fill up more. Anyways, since a 5* Eddie is the rarest character you can find, it only makes sense that he's worth the highest level of sacrifice. A warrior, magus and Sentinel Eddie is worth exactly 10,000 and a GA Eddie is worth slightly more but it doesn't make a difference. Depending on who you have, you CAN put out as many skill shards as you wish in order to cut down the number of Eddie's you need by up to half, but it's up to you. Neither I nor anyone I know has made a sacrifice this big, but since the patch notes from an older update say that doubling does work, I assume you'll be granted 6 rewards. But then again, getting 6 Tier 7 rewards and 5 more rewards from a ring fill is well worth the patience.
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