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    When the light begins to fade (a message to my troops)

    By the end of October, I shall be going completely casual.

    I can't pretend any longer, I now resent this game and the amount of time it takes out of my day: Grinding troopers, grinding arena, and events that generally mean just a lot more grinding than usual (for a chance of something!). I have tried to keep going for the sake of my troopers, but it's just not fun anymore. Anyway, no need to rant - its all been said before.

    So, I'll probably play until this weekend which gives you all a chance to find decent replacements if you choose to drop me (and can't blame you if you do). I'll cash in my stack of rare G/A souls which should be the final nail in the coffin when it comes out all 3* dupes. From Halloween onwards I will log in when I feel like it, rather than out of obligation.

    I feel honoured to have counted some of the true luminaries of this community amongst my troops. It's you guys that have kept me going, so many thanks to you all - have fun, and maybe I'll see you around in future.
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    Sad to read Ian, but completely understandable. Starting to feel the same. I was extremely disappointed that they did not address Troopers with this last update. I'm beginning to think that this is what they want. Weed out the old guard for newbs that don't know better.

    Thanks for accepting my request and all the badges...

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    Thanks for the info, Ian.

    I believe that you are my longest serving trooper so it's sad news indeed. Even sadder is the fact that every time i lose a trooper the game gets more manageable. Anyway, thanks for the collaboration and if you, at some point, should come back to full throttle, send me a request (if i'm still around....)

    Enjoy and take care

    tex \,,/
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    A gauntlet mode is coming soon™ for troopers. The rest will probably remain as they are.
    Have fun in RL
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