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    Level up Talisman rewards....

    Why not provide 4 or 5 star talismans as rewards for vortex fills and Exalted/Ultimate sacrifices or other areas?

    As far as I can tell, then best you can ever do with a talisman is get a 3 star drop, nothing higher ever. Seems rewarding certain actions with 4 or 5 star talismans would be a great thing.

    (oh and for heavens sake increase the drop rate of Rage, Zone, and Lightning talismans, Brave New World is horribly time consuming and not fun to play. . Having to play it repeatedly and never seeing ANY talismans is annoying. Garden of Fear seems to drop the counter and echo talismans at a decent rate. Even the Garden of Dismay drops the immortality talismans at a decent rate. but I have yet to see anything beyond 1 zone, 1 rage, and 1 lightning talisman [all acquired the first time I completed the respective level X and that's it] -- and I'm only 30 runs short of the 300 run achievement)
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