We are playing on an IPAD 4 /128g/ 3/4 storage capacity open and every night playing have near 40% crashes over fight numbers we play (i.e. if I play 30 fights almost always have 12 lockups,disconnects and/or crashes (We started counting them as we are/were getting more and more frustrated).

All other games we test/review seldom if at all crash or have anywhere near the same issues...Hardware wise we have high tier internet service, high tier modem and high end ASUS wireless router in place (need as we do Game Reviews)

Yet others in this forum say they have little to no issues playing the game....

Are they:

-Just lucky to be playing the non-defect code areas in the game?
-Is there some ports that may need to be opened on router for this game to operate more stable besides the normal ones for MMORPG play?
-Is there some other hard or soft needs or settings the game needs to drive up stability (other than them writing and delivering better code)?

This is driving us crazy as love the game concept but we cant make it stable to play and see lots of borrowed troopers lost, lots of fight winnings lost and lots of fight points lost each night as when the game crashes it always causes loss of all three items when rebooting or getting back into the app on the Ipad.

Anyone that has been playing on the IPad or any other devices without numerous crashes please share what you are doing to have a stable play environment.

Legacy Support can you share some ideas or hints on how to make the game more stable?