Trooper Eddie has arrived, but to have a chance at claiming him, you’ll need Trooper Soul Fragments. This is your opportunity to get more faster!

From now until November 25, 4 PM PT, the store has a variety of deals to help you earn more Trooper Soul Fragments:

  • Trooper Soul Fragments x100 for 650 Ironite. Available 1/event.
  • Trooper Soul Fragments x10 for 500 Iron Coins. Available 3/event
  • Trooper Soul Fragments x10 for 2M Gold. Available 3/event

In addition to these fragment offers, there’s a Trooper Talisman Combo Pack that is available for a limited time as an In-App Purchase, which contains a variety of talismans which are perfect fits for one or more of the Trooper Soul characters:

  • Hunter Talismans (Safeguard) x2: Inflict Ignite on enemies, and do extra damage to Ignited enemies!
  • Predator Talismans (Arcane) x2: Inflict Smite on enemies, and do extra damage to Smited enemies!
  • True Talismans (Ward) x2: Start battle with a 75% reduction to True Damage!
  • Fate Talismans (Barrier) x3: Get Ascension, Immortality, or Perfect Immunity every turn!
  • Purge Talismans (Onslaught) x3 NEW!: Chance to remove beneficial effects and heal yourself on Perfect Attacks!
  • Plus Ironite, Gold, and a massive pile of Sands of Time to help grind through your troopers to earn Trooper Badges!

Keep in mind that, while these promotions are available for a limited time, getting Trooper Soul Fragments with Trooper Badges and the one time deal to get a full Trooper Soul for Trooper Badges are persistent offers. You can find out more about the Trooper Soul in the corresponding Trooper Update forum post.