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Thread: Hey tadpoles!

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    Quote Originally Posted by slauki View Post
    in fact i think this is a great change! so it's not possible to copy attack and defense teams lightly now. and this is intended i think.

    Well... I think TOTALLY opposite than you, man... Bad move nevertheless done on purpose or by accident... And here's I'll tell you why... First of all... Such ''feature'' is NO protection AT ALL... I think that MOST (if not ALL) users, who play long enough being able to figure out the setups of any toons, they've faced in the arena or were given as borrowed champions even without the need to look at talismans setup... All that's because every toon has their setups DETERMINED by slots colours, so you don't have as many possibilities as might be think at first... Every setups ARE limited plus Iron Maiden fans are pretty clever gals and blokes in general, I believe... So ''break'' of every setup without lookin' it's just the matter of time... Even dare to say that accordingly less if the setup is greater and unique...

    Sure it would have more sense if we wouldn't be limited to slots clolours... Every 6 being ''open'' - so you can ''create'' anything you want and being limited just by your own creativity... It would be much harder, yet still NOT impossible to guess... Let's imagine ourselves such thing: you wake up one day with the brilliant idea to combine to outstanding killin' power of an assassin with durability of the sentinel... So you pack the VHE with six green talis... And... So long, suckers!!! Blood, tears, terror all over the arena, your opponents are falling one by one like Afghan huts... Cool, right? Sure it is! But how do you think, Slauki - how much time the people would need to figure it out what's defeated them? Again think that pretty fast, matter of minutes, or hours - but that's it... After that time you'll be facing many THE SAME toons as yours...

    I KNOW that you and many other endgame players DESPERATELY seeking of any even slightest changes to encounter more difficulty - otherwise - B.A.S.H.* game, right?
    So... How about ''locking down'' all talismans stats entirely? Why ever not? Full ahead, S! I think THIS would be great! No compromises, no handicaps, no prisoners, no nothing! You wouldn't even know if somebody has put ANY talismans into the character, but there would be much challenge, surprise and fun, yes?

    But this is wrong approach, I am tellin' you... People ALWAYS were, are and will be copying all this that can be copied - practically everything... And you can't stop this or fight with this... It's useless... It's just stands for people's characters - willing to explore and being curious... Everybody COPY things: - you copy Sumerians invetion - the writings, NF are copying their bugs constantly etc. etc. And what? Exactly - nothing... Who prohibits rich?
    So why suddenely all this ''quasi-protection''?
    Personally I DON'T MIND if anybody would take a peek at my toons... That's OK - no problem with that... Myself sometimes have checked my friends' toons - just out of curiosity, not to clone... EVERYTHING is written in characters' skills descriptions, so if you read pretty carefully - you'll know how to build the toon out...

    Everybody takes patterns off someone's else first including Maiden, NF - this game is no new in any means in the world of RPG's - right? So why these ''restrictions'' anyway? Allow anyone who wants to take a peek to do so... Want to learn something? Learn from the best... And if there would be much ''good clones'' at the arena present - then the game WOULD BE really challenging!



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    Quote Originally Posted by Witkacy View Post

    Well... I think TOTALLY opposite than you, man...l
    i think you overestimate the amount of thinking people put into this game. many guys are very clever and they might figure it out but others will never figure it out, no matter if the slot colours are determinated or not, they are simply too lazy/bad/uninterested/whatever. giving away the attack team itself is very bad itself, some great players put in several hours/days/weeks to refine a perfect attack strategy and every clown can come along and copy it in 2 minutes? that's really killing the competition for the top guys. that's one reason why noone really competes at the moment aside the game breaking bugs ofc.

    so i would lock talismans AND attacking teams, then every player would have added some kind of "mystery aura" which would be much better. but as said, it is what it is and i prefer it much more this way than it was before. and what would be the point of checking the talis of the trooper anyway if they are so "determineted" and obvious? there are only two reasons, first is to spy and 2nd is for missions.
    the mission issue could be solved if only the trooper you set is full transparent, and this is more of a minor issue anyway...and the tendency to spy is not as minor for me.

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