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    Aces High Eddie Do or Die permadeath bug

    Aces High Eddie's new Do or Die attack's permadeath is broken. For example it doesn't apply permadeath to targets ghosted by the new Warlord character.
    Attacked 3 times in a row and the target stayed ghosted, alive..

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    This might not be related to your thing, but I've noticed that it also fails to apply permadeath if endurance is the only buff on the target. It removes the buff *before* it applies the permadeath. Maybe it's supposed to work that way, but it's pretty annoying seeing an enemy get revived right after hitting them with Do or Die.

    Come to think of it, I think I've used it on enemies that had multiple buffs on them and Endurance was the only one removed, with no permadeath applied.

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    We've actually been discussing bugs related to this skill in the latest update thread. Some info is at the top of the page at the link below:

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