For the next 24 hours, try out a 5★ Cyborg Eddie using your NPC Troopers!

NPC Troopers is a new feature all players have access to, where 3 NPC Troopers (Deathcleft, Captain, and Tomahawk) can be rented once a day for Trooper Badges in addition to normal troopers. However, for the next 24 hours, all 3 NPCs have changed their champion from their normal eddies to Cyborg Eddie!

Each NPC has a different set of talismans on their Cyborg Eddie, so try them out and see which one you like most!

  • Deathcleft’s Eddie: 2 Resilience Talismans, 4 Immunity Talismans (Start battle with 2 turns of Immunity!)
  • Captain’s Eddie: 3 Assassin Talismans, 3 Thief Talismans (Does high damage and can steal Fury!)
  • Tomahawk’s Eddie: 3 Vampiric Talismans, 3 Invisibility Talismans (Can regain health and Vanish when attacking!)

If you want your own Cyborg Eddie, he is a 5★ Gunner, and as such is only rarely obtained even from souls that can drop him. To maximize your chances, there is a 1 day only In-App Purchase offer in the store for otherwise-unavailable Rare Gunner Souls, which guarantee a 3-5★ Gunner character! In addition to this offer, he is also available in other souls throughout the game that can drop that class and rarity of character, such as Rare Gun/Assassin Souls, Legendary Souls, or event souls.