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    November 2017 events a retrospect

    A bit more on time now, considering the Charge Begins event is drawing to a close. Now the dust is settling down I’d like to take a look at this month’s events and see what worked and what didn’t. And, like last time, their flow.

    Wicker Man Fragment Event
    Yeah, yeah, another one of these. Not so much for the endgame people I realize, who must have Sacrificed dozens of them by now. At least he’s a great character for autofarming. Also this event gets 0.5 points off for being 2 days long instead of 3.
    Personal rating: 2/5

    Strange Alchemy Event
    First off, props to the design on the character. Best thing NF has designed since Mystic Eddie. Too bad my first fight against him in Arena was a nightmare. I killed 2/4 of the enemy’s team, leaving only him and a Desert Marauder, and his Fury bar recharged so fast that Alchemist’s Fury kept replenishing the Ghost turns. I had to get my Thorn Shield character back before I could actually finish him off. I’m also not convinced on the Summoner Soul. I don’t know how many people have Mystic Eddie, but I would’ve rather that the soul only had a bigger chance of dropping Alchemists. Cool way for people to get him, though 6-10 Vortexes before getting him is a lot.
    Personal rating: 3/5

    Shattered Soul event
    Nice easy way to get some extra rare class souls. Not much else to say here. Nice and low-effort too.
    Personal rating: 3.5/5

    Dark Ritual Celebration
    Awful nice of you to drop more Ritual Souls, even if none of them dropped anything remotely interesting for me. The doubled 4/5* chance was nice though. Cashed in most of my souls at the end, and finally got the Magus Priestess, and at long last, the Hell Hound. Finally I have all initial 4* toons. No more will three of those bastards taunt me every day I play Talisman Cache/Hoard. And I got 2 5* out of it too. Another CG and PDK, to my utter lack of surprise. Lol. As a whole the event was pretty nice though.
    Personal rating: 3.5/5

    Troopers Unite event
    Finally the long-awaited Trooper Soul makes its way to the game. The characters look cool for the most part, even if they’re not the best things in the arena at the moment. Still, it’s nice for the collectors. One note on Lady Azov though: you expect me to believe she can do flips and kicks in heels of that size? I don’t think heels were even made to be that high in the 1800s! The one-time 20K purchase for the Trooper Soul was nice though, as usual. While I'm slightly disappointed there's no RNG tweaking for Trooper or Eternal Souls, the Frontier coins is a nice idea. Though perhaps the Eternal prices could go down to Trooper Soul level.
    Personal rating: 4/5

    The Charge begins arena event
    Compared to the last one, there are some good things about this and some bad. On the one hand, I miss the broken Thorn and Cyclone Talismans. Made PVP fights super-fast which is always a major plus, and turned the Arena into a hilarious variant of rocket tag. Plus the game wasn’t as buggy as it was initially during this event. I do like the fact that fragment drops are guaranteed for the limited character, as well as the fact that the 50 drop is now a 25 drop with a doubled droprate. Both of these things will go a long way in combating bad luck in these types of events. I was worried I’ve have to go to at least 300 fights to get my Crimean Soldier, but I got mine around 228 wins it seems. Too bad about only getting them during wins though. Maybe add draws in there too. I know some people are complaining about the lack of good rewards past 300 fights or so, but I don’t mind as much. Because then there’s less reason to go for the 1000, and anything PVP events are already a time sink as-is. 1000 fights could be more feasible if draws and losses counted though.
    Personal rating: 3.5/5

    Cyborg Monday
    I mean, getting an increased chance at getting Cyborg Eddie really was going to be too good to be true I guess. As far as I’d guess only the people just starting out would really care about the fact that the NPC Troopers were Cyborgs. Everyone else has one, or has a Trooper who has one as champion I’d think. On the other hand, the soulless cashgrab that was Cyborg Monday is a perfect fit for what is really a pointless excuse for consumerism anyway, so you get an extra 0.5 for unintentionally encapsulating everything wrong with capitalism.
    Personal rating: 2/5

    While October had higher peaks when it came to events, November had a better flow of them. Only really one event that was time-consuming, and with the exception of Cyborg Monday all of them were pretty enjoyable. Also, the fact that the PVP event is running past Cyborg Monday means we don’t finish up as much with a sour taste, so props for that I guess.

    If you have anything else to comment on, agree/disagree, add stuff, I’d love to hear it!
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    Strange alchemy was a rip off. I must have converted, no exaggeration, over 200 souls... still don't have the Alchemist, and still a little over 1 vortex fills short of having him. (about 1.25 fills needed assuming both fills don't drop 15 fragments - if they do.. then it's even more shit because I'll be 5 fragments short.)
    All there is in this app is to spend money or collect yet more frags... entirely pointless and unfulfilling..

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    It's nice to hear from you Kardas

    Well.. i liked bbq event, as you can guess haha. got VHE after 1,5 year and Prisoner too.

    But Cyborg event.. Was the most funny one i ever seen. It was extremely hard to decide which Cyborg Eddie talisman build was the best one, i spent my all day thinking about that (thinking emoji here)
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    Enjoyed reading your overview.
    Most of the events are good, but we got trolled hard with Cyborg Monday.
    Id score that one 0/5.

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