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    Just experienced something strange/great...

    I went into GOF IX with GRE, Kari, MUR and decided to use my PDK since he curses and that's useful to take down the Dragon King.

    So PDK does his magic boost in one round and then hits the PDK on his next, cursing him. Dragon King is at about 25% of his second shield, full health (first pass at him).

    Kari goes next and her 5 hits do 25K, 25K, 25K, 25K and then 46K and wipe the bastard out in one shot. I think the combo of the Curse, Magic Boost, and her Predator talis (I think she also smited him) resulted in this crazy scenario.

    I've tried to auto-run with them more and actually lost several because when you aren't one-shotting him, your team is getting stunned left and right. So it's not something reliable. And it turns out PDK seriously messes with the WUR and makes him attack his own team while pulling double steals from you (he stole my 3-round endure and double stacked it, so he now had 6 rounds of endure, strangely).

    But if you're interested in giving it a shot, it's pretty cool.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sparton_LOTB View Post
    Apologies on the incorrect information for fragment drops in this event. I've updated the original post as follows:

    For this event, the fragments are guaranteed to drop, and you’ll earn anywhere from 5 to 20 fragments (5 or 10 on lower floors, 10 or 20 on higher).

    Specifically, you'll get 10 or 20 fragments base from floor V and above.

    Good luck grabbing those Valor souls for the last few hours of the event!
    That explains why I have only been getting 5 and 10 as I was on floor IV. If I had known this I would have gone up a floor. Come on NF you really need to make sure the info you are giving us is correct
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    Yeah i noticed the 10 fragments garanteed/run for bnw level VI, that's why i said the event was very nice !
    Good luck to everyone for getting your souls !

    Ps: Once again thanks to the dev team for the guaranteed fragments during the 2 last events... i hope the same for the next events

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