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    Top Maiden Song on Spotify for you...

    Spotify assembles your top artist and tracks for the year, so I thought for those that use it, it could be fun to post your top Maiden track played this year along with your top Non-maiden track.

    My top IM song: The Trooper

    Top non-IM song: God Has Fallen by Mors Principium Est

    Your turn.
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    I don't have Spotify but my music app does tell me who I listen to the most.

    Top Iron Maiden Song: Fear of the Dark

    Top non Iron Maiden Song: Happily Ever Cadaver by Wednesday 13

    Makes sense, Wednesday 13 is by far my favorite musical artist of all time.
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    From Spotify:

    Top 3 Iron Maiden Song: 1st - Aces High / 2nd - Powerslave / 3rd - Invaders (they are all on the top of the list right next to each other, that's why I posted all 3, but if its just one, Aces High is the one).

    Top non Iron Maiden Song: The Lighthouse And The Whaler - Venice (Adam Snow Bootleg).

    Cheers!!! Ed.
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    Top 3 Iron Maiden Song: 1st - Where Eagles Dare / 2nd - Caught Somewhere in Time / 3rd - 2 Minutes to Midnight (they are the first three songs on my Maiden Spotify playlist!).

    Top non Iron Maiden Song: Batter Up by The Amorettes (local all-girl metal band that I go and see live a lot when they tour. Check them out they are great). I also add to this Butch Walker - Stay Gold (I have a family account and my wife had this one on constant rotation for weeks - I like him too by the way, but not as much).

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