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    Must've hit a quake....

    Odd.. I suddenly see I have 14 Quake talismans.. 12 of them 1 star, 2 are 3 star. No clue where 12 of them came from.

    I know I had 4, which are on a character.. then I had 2 others at 3 star... but the 12 single star just appeared. Either that or some of the Blind talismans I had got mysteriously converted to Quake talismans.

    Any chance I can do that for Freeze -> Lightning... Burn -> Rage... Boost -> Zone?
    All there is in this app is to spend money or collect yet more frags... entirely pointless and unfulfilling..

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    buddy of mine woke up some months ago and had 11 green harpies, never heard something like that. but heard about the 1* quakes too. maybe a late christmas present for engaged forumers? :P

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