And we’re already on the final day of the year. And, as fate would have it, my last day playing LotB. Still enough time to crank one of these out right?

Valor Soul Fragment Event
A nice way to spice up the usual character fragment event. The characters that could drop are all quite useful too, so that’s also nice for the players with a smaller collection. Had it been the Gunner Priestess and Warrior Hellraiser I would have played more I’m sure. Two days for this feel short, though.
Personal rating: 3.5/5

Holiday of Life
This ruled for pretty much the same reason Fear Friday did, even if I did not have the time to farm all day. Free entry into BNW gives a lot of freedom in making auto-teams. The difficulty drops BNW have been getting also makes them far more farmable and less of a slog to get through. Even if I haven’t been able to try any at Floor X yet. Still, I finally completed 2 Immunity Will sets, which I’m very happy for.
Personal rating: 5/5

Book of Souls Legendary event
We’ve seen several of these before by now. On paper it looks nice, and is probably really good for the non-endgame people, but considering the bad name legendary souls have among the endgame players not really for them.
Personal rating: 2.5/5

Magus Corrupt Droid Fragment Event
So this threw most of us in for a loop! In my Sentinel Droid guess I forgot that Magus characters tend to have a fragment event after the Warriors but before the Sentinels, like with the LoL schedule. Anyway, this gets 1 extra for the new character and the tripled Rare Soul drop. And while we’re at it, I bet that one of these days (probably not in January, but maybe in June?) we’re getting a Sentinel Corrupt Rescuer fragment event.
Personal rating: 3.5/5

Raider’s Sacrifice Event
First off let me say that compared to BBQing Pumpkins galore, simply getting extra Raider’s souls is a bit underwhelming. Also, this event should have probably been done last year when Viking was released (of course the Sacrifice mechanic wasn’t out yet). Nice for the people without Viking, but I assume the rest (like me) skipped it.
Personal rating: 2.5/5

12 Days of Christmas
I mean… it’s free stuff. No way I’m not rating this very high. Plus there are some really nice rewards in there, like the free Legendary, Angel Talismans (too bad they’re of the Onslaught subtype), and the Christmas Souls & Skill Shards on the last day.
Personal rating: 4.5/5

The Three Kings
First off, way to fake out considering we have three Dragon Kings in the game. Second, calling it three kings is tenuous because only one is royalty (though in the Netherlands we have Zwarte Piet instead of Krampus so I don’t know too much about him). Not sure about making Krampus a 5* either. Seems a surefire way to piss off the collectors by giving a 5* character limited availability. Considering the shitstorm we had about Coalgiver, I’m quite surprised. On the plus side however, the better availability of Christmas Souls compared to Halloween Souls is welcome change.
Personal rating: 3/5

Monarch’s Arena Event
Very happy about making Christmas Souls as event drops here. Also happy that the Snowman is far easier to get than the Assassin Undead Crimean Soldier… even if it took me about 170 wins… Allows us enough time to do other things, for those of us who want to spend the holidays in other ways. On the other hand, the increased APMAs this event is annoying, as is the Angel of Fear’s hilariously broken Passive. I miss the days where a Blocker was enough to stop him. Oh and trading wins with other joke teams during the event was fun. I know some people are still complaining about the lack of good rewards past 300 fights or so, but I don’t mind as much. Because then there’s less reason to go for the 1000, and anything PVP events are already a time sink as-is. 1000 fights could be more feasible if draws and/or losses counted though.
Personal rating: 3.5/5

December felt funny. On the one hand, some nice surprises came out of the gate (12 days of Christmas, Magus Droid, Valor Souls), but there were also some disappointments (Raider’s Sacrifice Event). I do believe it was better than November though if only because we didn’t have something as silly as Cyborg Monday. Plus, with the exception of Holiday of Life there were no reasons to spend more time on the game than usual, which is a big plus in my book.
Before I wrap this up for good I’m starting to wonder just how useful things are. I had a lot to write in October, but since then it feels there’s nothing extra I can really bring to the table with these threads. So no hard feelings I guess if this stops when I do.

If you have anything else to comment on, agree/disagree, add stuff, I’d love to hear it! Seriously, this one feels rushed compared to the rest.