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    Lightbulb The Reflect Bug - (Fixed!)

    I'm sure most of us are aware of this one by now, but for those that aren't, I've got his.

    What it is:

    If both someone on your team and someone on the enemy's team have Reflect up, any attack that would hit both will cause an endless miss loop, which will freeze the game.
    For instance, you enter a level with the red trolls in the Underworld. A lot of times they can start with Reflect. You have your Allied Soldier cast reflect, then have your other Ally unleash an AoE. It will hit the enemy with Reflect, which will then try to bounce damage back to your team, which will hit YOUR Reflect, which will try to bounce damage back to their team again, endlessly.

    How to avoid it:

    This is easy (and sometimes a little less easy).
    You have a few options:
    1. Don't use Reflect at all. This neatly skips the issue, since your units will never have it.
    2. If it's a situation where the enemy starts with it, just make Reflect the last thing you do on your first turn. The enemy's reflect will disperse before their first turn, preventing the loop.

    Now there is a bit of a catch. There are a few enemies that can Steal Beneficial effects. This includes Reflect. If that happens while you have it up, BAM! Reflect loop.

    The Assassin Troll can steal.
    The Assassin Undead Axis Gunner can steal.
    The Warrior Wickerdog King can steal.
    There may be one or two more (I am pretty sure there's a Desert Warrior that can too).
    The Beast can steal, but he steals everyone's buffs (even units that can't be targeted somehow), so as long as you don't recast while he has it you can avoid it. Come to think of it, in that phase he just steals every turn so even that may not matter.

    When you see these enemies, you need to A) kill them B) stun them C) silence them or D) steal power to prevent them from using their Steal ability. Until you do one of those 4, DON'T cast Reflect.
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    Did you test the reflect bug after the time rift update? I tried and the game didn't hang.

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    Didn't even know there was an update til you typed that. Oh well. Haha.

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    Tested another round at Web of Fear and it didn't freeze anymore.

    I did update the bug fixes at the compilation of reported bugs post~* But I guess it got drowned by the amount of threads complaining...

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    Can you edit the title to say they fixed it then?

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    I tested it after the Time Rift Update an did was already fixed
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