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    What do you think of my Talisman setup at the moment? All are 1/40, NEED MORE GOLD!!!!!
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    Up The IRONS

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    That's a Sentinel, not a Magus.

    His Heal is a flat percentage, which is similar to Soldier Eddie's Roulette.

    Sentinel Golden Son heal (with passive) [without passive]
    Self 4651 HP - (1953 HP) [1302 HP]
    Solider Eddie 20635 HP - (8665 HP) [5777 HP]
    That's a massive 42% heal (28% without the 50% heal boost from his passive), and it's free on his basic Magic AoE attack. Granted it's only 35% chance to proc, but with skill shards it can climb to ~40% (60% with passive).

    Soldier Eddie's Roulette (with passive) [without passive]
    Golden Son Sentinel 4651 HP - (1515 HP) [1010 HP]
    Soldier Eddie 20635 HP - (6552 HP) [4365 HP]
    That's 21%, going up to about 32% with the passive, It's also free, and guaranteed to heal. It can't be increased though. It does do lots of other cool things though.

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