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    Collecting Characters

    While some characters are earned through the story line, the vast majority, including Eddies, will need to be unlocked by summoning them from the Book of Souls.

    Souls have their own rarity which determines the rarity of the character summoned.
    • Common souls can summon 1 to 3-star characters.
    • Rare souls can summon 3 to 5-star characters.
    • Legendary souls can summon 4 to 5-star characters.

    Class-specific souls can be purchased in the Store with Trooper Badges, so you can guarantee the class of character you will summon.

    Summoning does cost Gold:
    Gold Soul
    100 Common
    250 Common Gunner/Assassin
    12,000 Rare (including class-specific)
    37,000 Legendary
    Characters you unlock will be marked as ‘New’ in your team until you view them.

    It’s highly recommended that you lock the characters you know you want to keep. Simply select them in the ‘My Team’ screen and then tap the lock icon on the right-hand side of their info modal.

    You can also sell characters you don’t want for Gold. Simply tap the ‘Sell’ button on the left-hand side of the ‘My Team’ screen, then tap the characters you want to liquidate. Locked characters will be greyed out. Once you’re done selecting characters, tap the ‘Sell’ button to confirm. All portraits with a coin icon will be sold.

    Note: Selling is irreversible!
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