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    Because of the nature of gauntlet I am hoping itís people who have the rosters to handle it. Thatís why made sure to expand to 300 as quickly as I could. 😀

    Also high ranking members in PvP and the forums wouldnít hurt either.

    Did I mention I have two beasts from the 15 free souls.

    Calling my shot now, I will have Alexander by the end of August. (after the immortal event I don't know if I will even still be playing this in August) Update: I couldn't make it, I have given up on this game.

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    I think that the introduction of Relics makes the option to be able to hide your characters from copycats a MUST.
    Itís ridiculous enough that the attack teams in the arena have been made visible (a very bad move imho). But now that we will finally have an opportunity to make our characters unique i think the devs should reconsider the whole system of being able to scout other players...even troopers if you ask me.

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    I have to admit, I have not been excited about this game for a long time. I think that mechanically it is a good and fun game but I hate pvp games. I was super-invested early on with the single-player plot but will never EVER do arena (I play several phone games where I completely ignore the arena aspect).
    That said, while I feel like the game has lately catered to the PVP player, I have come back lately to enjoying the basic gameplay. After all, who can hate bashing enemies to Iron Maiden soundtracks, right?
    So, anyway, I love the new Behind the Mask levels. I am totally into the music and love the graphics of that dungeon. Great work! Just wanted to say thanks for giving a jaded player a fun new level to play! I still refuse to do any PVP activities out of principal and miss a ton of new content because of it, but this is the first non-plot dungeon I have appreciated so far.

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