Based on my Average Charicters (LVL- 80 ****(4 Star))and their Hitpoints, I am wondering what is average or Good (Hitpoint base) considering the Talismans used to improve your charicters Def & MR averages.
For Example my ELF of the Damned has the Highest Def/MR of All my toons- HP (5946 + 12862) thats considering the Talismens used: Strength Tal. Max. 50- and Advantage Tal. Max. 50.
As my other toons are at 10K or Less.

There are so Many Talismens in this game... it is Hard to Keep up with which ones to utilize for that toon and his class type.

Any Hints or Suggestions that could help me sum up the jist of this discussion would be greatly appreciated.