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    I like the awakenable characters and how they did the cultist ones that are otherwise too weak. I don’t know if I like dark Lilith, Raven Witch and the LoLs being awakenable though since they’re already newer and stronger. Awakening could have been a good way to balance things — especially the lower star Eddies. It wouldn’t create as many new must haves but it would balance the game and create more diversity in the arena.

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    Awakening is fine as a way forward. But like some others I would like to see this being used a route to either get new characters to awaken (like Ravens Altar) or to update the earliest allies we had - or indeed Eddies - they are really never used by most and that is a shame as there were some decent characters that started off as 1/2/3 star.
    Missing the following characters (well the ones I want!):

    Samurai Emperor Eddie - NotB Eddie - Pharoah Ramesses Eddie - Icarus
    The Count - Krampus - PDK - Hierophant - Dark Lilith - All Minotaurs except Assassin!

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