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    Quote Originally Posted by Yup View Post
    They all look pretty horrid there if you ask me. No chance any of my money would go towards those, even at half those prices. VHE with that blond afro is hilariously bad.

    .. and is anyone really hoping for the Owl Cultist???

    (Note: it's the paint jobs that are REALLY bad. The sculpts don't appear to be that bad, they are just painted horribly - but then I imagine 3D printing or mold from the in "game" 3D characters.. so of course the sculpts would be decent.)
    shaman looks pretty decent i'd say, but yeah no chance my money flows in that direction too. i expect VERY good quality for that price. and very few chars seems to have a proper design/quality which is very surprising- since IM is known for having very high standards....seems that NF is not

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    for me it is a bad product, yes paint are horrible i will never buy that
    I play all troopers all days.

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