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    Saving your Game

    There are two ways to save your game to the cloud:
    • Connecting via Facebook
    • Creating a Roadhouse account by specifying an email address and password.

    Just tap your profile at the top left and then tap 'Create Account'.

    To load your game on a new device or after a reinstall:
    • On the title screen, tap the profile icon at the bottom left
    • Tap 'Email Login' or 'Facebook Login'

    If you have forgotten your password, tap the 'i circle icon in the password field.

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    Killing Walkers


    Be warned ! !
    I have just found out you cant switch logins, Have just emailed support to see if they can help
    Short version Im Getting a another tablet soon which has smaller storage so wont be used for facebook and other apps, so in preparation I thought id make sure I had all my login details for apps I will be using on new tablet.

    I Logged out of LotB and tried to use the EMAIL LOGIN, I Use(d) the same email address for both Facebook and LotB , I assumed the password would be the same too I was wrong so I requested a password reset armed with my password I logged in.
    However when I loaded Legacy of the Beast it started the tutorial I thought its set up a totally separate account using EMAIL LOGIN I'll be ok to log in using FACEBOOK LOGIN

    WRONG !

    I've Tried clearing Cache & Cookies from the app and even uninstalling the app so many times, Nothing helped

    Basically im guessing my account is reset after 21 days Odd thing is Still have same USERNAME AmBush-1902 I've asked a a friend to look at their troopers and my old account shows as N/A LV 24
    so for anyone who I sent a Trooper can you please add me again, i need you to use my NEW account trooper which hopefully i will get strong very quickly using Troopers

    Hopefully the Support team will be able to fix this for me and perhaps make it so this cant happen to anyone else.
    February 2nd 2017 Update was a COMPLETE CLUSTERFUCK ! and the final nail in the coffin
    Zombie Stompers
    Kill all Walkers and anyone who gets in your way!
    Kill 'Em All
    UK Based Walker killers

    How many walkers have you killed?
    How many people have you killed?
    150 * MINIMUM

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