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    Quote Originally Posted by Sick View Post
    Just because I am so tired off reading the same over and over again. We all know the bugs, we all know the problems about the odds, but in the end everybody should just accept that even Iron Maiden is a multi million dollar enterprise nowadays. If you want to change anything about the game, writing endless posts here will not help, what will help is to stop spending real money.
    You're missing the point, some of us don't like to see others keep drinking the kool aid. It's like a sober person telling a crack head not to smoke crack, and the crack head being like "well if you don't like it, then you don't need to smoke it!", while the outsider looking in sees a shaking shell of a man pissing on himself in the corner. We're trying to avoid the zombie invasion of non thinking addicted humans so these subpar devs don't profit off taking advantage of others instead of making a quality game. But I guess to each there own.

    I guess there's no helping the Ashoka Tanos and Wu Tangs of this game, can't fix stupid. Best thing they can ever accomplish is beating my ghost's records, but even then, it's only breathing my exhaled air. I can allow them to feel good about beating a shadow since they can't beat me in the flesh.

    So now my time here is done, Jofer16 has been burned at the stake, in the ashes Nitecrawler has risen like a Phoenix. Past life snakes have been purged.

    I pass the torch of protecting the name of Maiden to Hold, he's been carrying the baton and running well, seems to be one of the few with a head on his shoulders filled with substance. All the others claiming to be fans of Maiden don't have an ounce of metal running through them veins.

    My energy is better spent elsewhere at this point, transformers f2f at least posts their odds (whoever said no other games do that is an imbecile), and especially with Marvel's Strike Force dropping soon, a game LotB dreams to be. Nobody I care about is invested in this dev team anymore and I don't mind seeing the barely concious pirahanas devour themselves into oblivion.

    Run well Hold and the like, and may the wind be at your back. **As I'm writing this Silentknight says keep up the good work!** lol. I got some crawling to do...

    Howling winds keep screaming round
    And the rain comes pouring down
    Doors are locked and bolted now
    As the thing crawls into town

    Straight out of hell
    One of a kind
    Stalking his victim
    Don't look behind you

    Beware the beast in black
    You know he's coming back
    Night Crawler

    Sanctuary is being sought
    Whispered prayers a last resort
    Homing in its' cry distorts
    Terror struck they know they're caught

    As night is falling
    The end is drawing near
    They'll hear
    Their last rites echo on the wind

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    The picture you painted couldn't be more wrong, as you simply didn't get who's the addict here.

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    with level 2 sacrifice we have less sand of time or pvp for a ridiculous amount of gold now....
    I play all troopers all days.

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