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    Which of these 9 Eddies are best for PVP?

    I have culled my Eddies down to 9 that I like in general, and was wondering if anyone could enlighten me on which are better for use in PVP.
    I currently use Talgunner as the special is very strong and there are 6 red talisman slots on a gunner which allows for the removal of golden buffs with each action on a non-warrior class toon. That said I cannot seem to progress past about 2800 rank. I am willing to build a team around one of these eddies. For Tailgunner I mostly use Prisoner (with The 6 Primordial Talismans), Red Lilith (with Echo & advantage talismans) and the Clairvoyant (with Destiny & True Talismans). Iím at a loss as I see some teams that roll over me regardless of whether or not I go first or which attack strategy I try. Please help! Thanks everyone!

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    Big mistake dumping unnecessary Eddies.. achievements and missions often call upon them.

    Anyway.. all the eddies you list can be good in PVP, it all depends upon talisman setups and allies on the team. None of them are "worse" than any of the others.

    The reality is.. gaining rank on PvP is now FAR MORE about relics than any specific character.
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    Yup is spot on. Never dump a non-dupe as you never know when you wil need him. Meta changes fast here so you never know who wil be the next champ Ed. Relics are the key at the moment as I destroy most before me until I get into top 150 and then relics start to make a nig difference along with coin toss too. Best Ed depends very much on the rest of the team, talisman set up and theat sort of thing. The top teams usually have Iron or Clansman with the odd POM but then they are usually holding a lot of relics too so can afford to have certain set ups.

    You just have to try and test different set ups and take note of the ones that you find difficult to beat - always look at the defence team and the relics they have on each character as that providesd a lot of useful info.
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