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    Game Update - March 9th, 2017 + Navigator Eddie!

    Crush the competition with new tools and a new character!

    New Character: Navigator Eddie!

    Devastate your enemies with Navigator Eddie! He can cause a wide variety of debuffs, from Heal Block to Accuracy Down to Perfect Corruption. He can even transfer debuffs he has to enemies!!

    Navigator Eddie is a 4 star Gunner available now in all appropriate souls, including a limited time Nautical Soul. Check out more on Navigator Eddie in his Character Discussions forum post.

    New Talismans: Shell and Immunity

    Two new talismans have been added into the game:

    • Shell Talismans (Green): 2 set bonus for 1 turn of Damage Reduction Shield at the start of combat
    • Immunity Talismans (Yellow): 2 set bonus for 1 turn of Immunity at the start of combat

    If a single character has multiple sets equipped, the start of battle status effect last longer (1 turn per set).

    Each of the 3 subtypes per talisman can be purchased once a week from the PVP Store for 400 Iron Coins each. These will be available for a limited time (end date TBD).

    PVP Changes

    • If you draw a match, your win streak is reset (as you didn’t win)

    Bug Fixes and Improvements

    • Improved load times on the front end
    • Reduced duration of stutter at end of combat as game communicates with server
    • Fixed an issue where a failed purchase could still charge you its cost
    • Adjusted the purchase flow in the store to allow you to buy something that would not fit within your current inventory cap (with said items going into your overflow inventory)
    • Revised “M.RESIST” to “MR” in most locations
    • Revised the colouration of core stats in skill descriptions (orange for ATK/DEF, yellow for SPECIAL)
    • Revised the capitalization of core stats in skill descriptions (now consistently in ALL CAPS)
    • Fixed an issue where the battle buttons in the PVP Attack list may become unresponsive
    • Fixed a rare issue where the game would hang after trying to enter or concluding a PVP battle
    • Fixed an issue where the Cosmos/Time Rift button would sometimes use the wrong art
    • Corrected the Thief Talisman set description to indicate the same chance to occur in all places where the description is visible
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