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    Post FROZEN WASTELAND Beginner's Dungeon Guide - With Pictures

    UPDATE #0: This guide is very out of date, as there have been several changes to the enemy line-ups in this dungeon. In general, the changes have made the stages easier to manage. I shall update the enemy wave graphics for Madness and Insanity, but the longer text parts may still be out of date for a while longer sorry.

    Welcome to the visual guide for the Skull Quest related FROZEN WASTELAND Frontier Dungeon. Compared to the other dungeons, this icy one is relatively straight forward, but the more information available the better. This new dungeon was released on the 18th of November, 2019. It was aimed at newer and intermediate players (and now caters to all players with the introduction of Insanity), and introduced Icy Talisman Legendary Souls. Every 250 Hard runs, 100 Madness, or 25 Insanity runs of this dungeon will earn a blue T2/3 cosmic talisman.

    First of all, huge shout-out to Bakura, for giving me the inspiration to create my own guide for this easier dungeon. Love your work mate!
    Secondly, where possible/remembered I have underlined and linked to the Compendium page for relevant characters and talismans.
    Lastly, whenever you see [ed:] that's me adding editor's commentary to someone else's posts. Thought I should make that clear as Ed means something different here in LotB!

    You can find the official announcement and description of this dungeon HERE. It contains some nice official illustrations.

    Frozen Wasteland at a Glance
    (Image updated on 9/1/2020 to include Madness and changed reward chances.)
    Name:  FrozenRewardsUpdatedSmaller.png
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Size:  579.3 KB

    How to Unlock the Frozen Wasteland
    The Frozen Wasteland requires a key, like all Frontier Dungeons. Initially, these keys could not be purchased for Frontier Coins, and could only be obtained as an uncommon (20%) drop from Skull Quests during events, or as event challenge rewards. The launch event had three keys as a challenge reward, and the second Skull Quest event has another three as challenge rewards. The third Skull Quest event had six keys as rewards, and announced the keys would be permanently added to the Frontier Store for 150FC.

    Each key costs a nominal 25,000 gold to open in the Book of Souls. The key opens the dungeon for eight (8) hours. You are only limited by time (and your ironite for refills), there are no other restriction. There are now two stages, a HARD and a MADNESS mode. Hard costs 10SoT, Madness 20SoT.

    Name:  FWInfoRewards.png
Views: 4452
Size:  613.5 KB

    REWARDS - What can you get from the Frozen Wasteland?
    As you can see from the in-game reward list above, this dungeon is heavily focused on cosmic talismans. However, the game doesn't show everything, so here is the full list and discussion of potential rewards. A month after launch, alongside the introduction of the Madness stage, the drop rates were drastically changed, and drop sizes standardised. Some of Hard Modes drop rates were transferred directly to the new Madness level, while others were slashed across both stages. While this guide's previous reward section was based on over 1,000 runs, this reworked section is only based on 100 runs each of Hard and Madness. Enough to give a general idea of drop patterns and determining rough common/uncommon/rare probabilities, but not enough to be confident with any of the numbers. RNG will be RNG after all.

    Super Rough Summary while working out how best to visualise this:
    HARD = 2 Icy Frags + 2 Evo Bricks + 0-3 Additional Rewards
    MADNESS = 5 Icy Frags + 4 Evo Bricks + 0-4 Additional Rewards
    INSANITY = 20 Icy Frags + 6 Evo Bricks + 0-4 Additional Rewards

    Apologies for the length of this section! Even cutting it down in the update hasn't reduced it by much.
    • Icy Talisman Legendary Soul Fragments - Each Hard run always drops two (2) Icy Talisman Fragments and Madness run always drops five (5). 500 fragments converts into a blue T2/3 cosmic soul, a 5* Gold Skull, and 100 Icy Talisman Mythic Soul fragments. 1,000 Mythic fragments guarantees a blue T3 along with another 5* Gold Skull.
    • 3* Evolution Shards - The reward image only shows the colourless variety, but all six varieties drop here. Every run ALWAYS drops two (1+1) of these evo shards in Hard and two pairs (2+2) in Madness, which will be a combination of either Red, Green, or Purple (95%), or Blue, Yellow, or Colourless (5%). Even with the reduced SoT drops, this is a decent way to gather the Red, Green, and Purple bricks. May even be better than LoL X, although you'll obviously miss out on the other rewards from that dungeon.
    • Cosmic Evo Runes 1* & 2* T1/2/3 - All six types of cosmic evo runes drop here, and always drop in a pair of two (2). While not a guaranteed drop, they will only ever drop once per run. They drop in around 1/3rd of Hard runs, and 3/4th of Madness runs. As expected, the odds for each type of rune relate to their star and T-level, with 1* T1 being the most common.
    • Talisman Soul Fragments - These drop in stacks of 3, and are very rare. Considering you need 400 of these fragments for a complete soul, and other dungeons drop larger stacks, these feel like a wasted reward drop.
    • Rare Souls - Rare souls have become rare again.
    • Skill Shards - Skill shards have become exceedingly rare once more. In my 100 Hard runs, not a single SS dropped, compared with 4 in Madness.
    • Frontier Coins - The most heartbreaking of all the nerfs, the humble Frontier Coin. When the dungeon first launched you could expect a long-term average of around 1.3 FC per run. It was an excellent way for newer players to catch-up on this increasingly vital currency. Frontier Coins still drop in stacks of 5, but they only dropped 5 times in my 100 Madness (so 25FC in 100 runs), and once in my 100 Hard runs. The FC drops here are negligible.
    • Gold - Nothing too special here, just under 7,000 gold each Hard run and around 10,750 gold in Madness. Only ever on the first screen, as the reward chest never contains gold. Thankfully.
    • Sands of War - Sands of War drop in stacks of 3. While reduced, SoT remains one of the more common rewards. My Madness runs have average slightly over 1SoW per run, while Hard mode has half of that. If you're already running this dungeon for whatever reason, you'll stock up a few SoW for the next PvP event.
    • Sands of Time - Like most dungeons in this game Sands of Time can drop as both a regular mission reward (first page) and an extra reward from the Treasure Chest (second page). The first page displays a combined total of both, but can be separated once drop sizes (5 in both stages) are determined. The first page is roughly the same for both stages, around 65-70% for 1-5SoT, but when it comes to the 5SoT from the reward chest, Madness has double the drop rate of SoT compared with Hard mode. On average, Hard will recover ~2SoT each run, and Madness just under 4SoT. Not much, but enough to get an extra run most refills.
    • Ironite - Ironite also appears on both the first and second reward screens, but aren't combined on the first screen like SoT. Both stages drop 1-3ironite on the first page ~35% of the time. The reward chest can drop 5ironite. In my 100 Madness runs this happened 9 times, and only twice in my 100 Hard runs. Again, it's not much, but it could refund around 20% of the ironite you spend on refills.
    • Experience - Nothing special, Madness has 20,000xp to divide between the characters you take, and Hard has 15,000.

    In summary, the Frozen Wasteland remains a good source for Red, Green, and Purple 3* Evolution Shards, all varieties of Cosmic Evolution Runes, and a decent source for Sands of War. Everything else should be treated as an extra bonus, and not expected.

    THE ACHIEVEMENTS - What to wear?
    There are five new achievements relating to the Frozen Wasteland. They all involve having a character wearing a set of talismans beat the dungeon 500 times. There is one for each colour, and most of them drop from the Talisman Skull Quests stages. Venom is event-only, the odd one out. They do not need to be on active characters, you can have them on a back-seat Eddie and they will still count towards the achievements. Putting two sets on a character doesn't work, but two characters with a set each will count twice.

    All five acheivement rewards are the same: 25 Ironite, 75 Talisman Soul Fragments, and 2 Skill Shards.

    The following information only related to HARD mode. For information pertaining to MADNESS scroll down to the second post.

    THE ENEMIES - Who are we fighting here?
    As befitting a HARD dungeon designed with newer players in mind, the enemies here are not overly difficult. They are all 4*, and either level 75 or 80. They might not have much HP, but they can hit surprisingly hard if you're not careful. They don't have any special talismans, and all have the same additional stat boosts, as shown below. The Frozen Wasteland has five waves, ending in a boss fight. However, despite Beelzebub being used in the official images for this dungeon, he is not the boss. That honour goes to the second blue bat.
    Name:  FWEnemyComp.png
Views: 4088
Size:  130.3 KB

    Name:  FWWavesSmaller.png
Views: 4118
Size:  311.4 KB

    Potential Pitfalls
    With a proper team, this dungeon shouldn't be a problem. However, if you're using the dungeon to level characters, you may be relying on only one or two strong characters, and could run into the occasional mishap, or have your runs slowed down unnecessarily. These are the two waves you'll need to handle for the smoothest farming experience.

    Wave 2 - This is where my only two defeats (in hundreds of runs) have come from. The Purple Dog's power attack can give the whole team Endure, so you'll want to beat their team on the first turn. The Green Dog has the Block passive, making it slightly harder to one-shot the whole team. Either Passive Disable, or use a strong multi-hit attack to get past the Block. Both Purple and Red Hound have passive Immunity.
    Name:  FWDogs.png
Views: 4635
Size:  252.6 KB

    Wave 5 - This is the boss wave, and the two Green Bats have the Block passive. Same as last time, use Passive Disable or a strong multi-hit attack to break through. If left alive the Green Bats can grant themselves Invincibility, which will slow down your runs. While Beelzebub can give himself Vanish, which could slow down single-target auto-runs, the actual boss of the fight is the second blue bat. Killing the bat, once you've dealt with the Blocking green bats, will end the fight.
    Name:  FWBats.png
Views: 4089
Size:  299.3 KB

    TEAM SUGGESTIONS- Who should you take?

    Remember the enemies deal more damage than you might expect, so unless you can kill everything in one turn, be sure your Eddie can take a couple of hits in return. Once you're certain you can survive, you'll want to kill things as quickly as possible, to get the most out of the unlimited runs. An aoe multi-hitter will see you through, or two strong aoe attackers. A way to deal with Immunity, and at the worst, Endure, could be helpful.

    This is what other people have been saying:
    Player Team Suggestion
    Ip4 I am using DOOMSDAY EDDIE and LILITH MOONLIGHT [ed: Max Awakened version] and always win with 30 seconds.
    Yup Guy Fawkes Ed will beat it by himself as well. Takes around 40 seconds because of that dog with Endure in the second battle, but that's the only slow spot.
    Celobeast You can try dragonscale talismans, since they cause extra damage after the main damage. Navigator + Killer Prime 18-22 sec.
    Blade685 My best is always 17 sec too with Navigator.
    Muzzleloader I also got 17 seconds with a lone Navigator. Chance, blight [ed: Blight prevent your character from wasting time with power and fury moves] and attack cosmic.
    scott-5496 17 seconds is also my fastest - that was W LOL [ed: His basic attack hits all enemies once awakend the first time] and Magma... between 17-26 seconds is fine!
    Me-Azagthor I'm using Flight of Icarus Eddie with Lanterns & Warlords, along with W LOL wearing Orbits. Lanterns let FoI's basic hit multiple times with a chance to heal and trigger Warlord's extra turn. Everything usually dies in the first turn, and the Orbits help remove Endure and Immunity if needed.
    Bakura Final Frontier Eddie can solo the dungeon. 20 seconds with NotB Eddie and Killer Prime.

    GOOD LUCK- Have Fun
    What team have you been using? How fast are your runs? Have you found any good Icy Talismans yet?
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    Update: Madness runs now count towards the talisman wearing achievements, confirmed as finally working on 29/2/2020.

    What's new?
    The Madness stage is a recent addition to the Frozen Wasteland frontier dungeon. Was added mid-December, and announced early January during a Skull Quest event. It costs 20 SoT to run.

    What are the rewards like?
    It shares the same reward list as Hard mode, with expected changes to drop chance and stack size. Each run will guarantee you five (5) Icy Legendary Talisman Soul fragments, and four (4) 3* Evolution Shards. The Evo Shards drop in two stacks of two, and can be any of the six different types, but with a significantly higher chance of Red, Green, and Purple. Early reward tracking suggests in addition to the guaranteed Icy Fragments and Evolution Shards, there is a chance for up to three (3) extra rewards, which includes a high chance for a pair of Cosmic Evolution Runes (of all six different types) and a decent chance for SoW. Everything else is quite rare. Will update as more reward data is collected.

    Who are we fighting?
    Once again Beelzebub takes to the field with a chorus of Battlefield and Underworld characters, but makes the curious decision to take orders from a child. Here is every enemy in each wave, and the talismans they are wearing:

    Name:  Frozen Madness Updated - Smaller.png
Views: 349
Size:  540.5 KB
    Madness image is accurate as of 31st January 2022.

    It is a noticeable step up in difficulty from Hard mode, but if you're able to handle Madness in most of the event dungeons, or Night City, you should be able to handle this dungeon stage without too much trouble. Unlike Hard mode, there is no standard stat boost the enemies all share. Instead, as is standard for Madness/Insanity levels, each characters appears to gain the appropriate max-leveled stats for the talismans they are wearing.

    Theoretically, this information should allow you to identify both the subtype of any regular talismans, and the stats of any cosmic talismans the characters wear. For example, take a look at the Warrior Child of the Damned in the samples below. We know he wears Vipers and Immunity. Since Vipers are a 5-set and Immunity a 2-set, we can assume the Immunity effect comes from a Cosmic talisman, in addition to the lack of the Special boost you would expect from yellow talismans. The 342DEF and 228MR correlate to three maxed Fierce talismans and two Safeguard. These would also provide 2265ATK and 5710HP. Which leaves us with 13445HP, 1418ATK, and 1328MAG, which we can assume come from the Immunity Cosmic. While this information is mostly useless, I hope you found it at least somewhat interesting.

    Name:  FWMadStatsSmaller.png
Views: 3398
Size:  379.7 KB

    Who should I watch out for?
    The main obstacle is the Starfire talismans the Assassin Child of the Damned is wearing. If you're unprepared, your team may accidentally explode themselves. A set of Celestial talismans is one possible answer for them. Just be prepared for Passive Disable, Perfect Corruption, and losing all your buffs when the Starfire-wearer dies.

    The Warrior Child of the Damned wearing Viper talismans can also prove an annoyance. His counter-attacks can add further injury to any Starfire-reflected damage, and the chance of Perfect Corruption can reduce the effectiveness of any healing of blocking effects you might use. He can't be ignored however, since he is the boss. Kill him, and the fight is over.

    Name:  FWMadBossWaveSmaller.png
Views: 3383
Size:  425.8 KB
    This image is out of date, as both Starfire and Viper talismans have been removed.

    The 3rd wave, with the five Angels, can be slow to fight due to their various passives and annoying talismans such as Siege and Gate. You may have already encountered a similar Angel-heavy wave in the Madness stage of the Daily Dungeon. Permadeath, Perfect Death, Passive Disable, Corruption, Heal Block, etc, will speed things up here. Even with a reliable team, this is the most RNG-dependent wave.

    Who should I bring?
    My first team, back in December when Madness launched, I was using Forge talismans , and while they prevented me from dying, the Starfires would inflict Perfect Corruption and prevented the Perfect Heal Shield. My team were usually able to defeat the enemy after this without much trouble, but occasionally the Viper's would cause a counter-attack on my 1HP Eddie, which brought things to a screeching halt. Learn from my mistake, bring some form of protection from Silver Effects, or proper damage immunity like Celestial talismans. My current team (listed in the table below) hasn't lost yet, and has an average clear time of 1:20.

    Here is what other people have been using:
    Player Team Suggestion
    Wanderer Mystic Eddie - Celestial + Cosmic
    Warrior LoL - Any
    The Killer Prime - Any
    Gunner Banshee - Any
    Azagthor - Me Flight of Icarus Eddie with Lanterns/Warlords/Cosmic - My aoe heavy hitter.
    Sentinel Onyx Son - Celestial/Cosmic - Buff removal and survival.
    W. Ghost of Christmas Giving - Forge/Cosmic - Heavy hitter, buff removal, Perfect Death.
    G. Ghost of Christmas Past - Viper talismans/Cosmic - Buff removal, Perfect Corruption, Perfect Disable. Found him & Vipers more reliable than The Prisoner.
    dragonmat89 West Ham Football Eddie with Yin and Yang
    The Beast (5 purple stars) with Forge and Ascension cosmic
    Prisoner with Primordial
    Gunner Minotaur with Light and a cosmic.


    WORK-IN-PROGRESS: The Insanity level was only recently added, and very little is known currently. This section will be updated over time as more concrete information is discovered and verified.

    What's new?
    The Insanity stage is the most recent addition to the Frozen Wasteland frontier dungeon. Appears to have been quietly added during the 2nd February 2020 Update If it follows the same pattern as Madness, it will be announced during the next Skull Quest event. It costs 30 SoT to run, and rewards 20 Icy Talisman Fragments. At launch, it was fiendishly difficult, but has since been made significantly more manageable over a couple of patches. For the discussion of the original challenge, you can jump to DragonMat89's post here later in this thread.

    The Demon Princes in Wave 2 and Wave 4 are both considered Boss enemies, meaning they are immune to Passive Disable effects.

    This is the current version of the Insanity stage:

    Name:  Frozen Insanity Updated - Smaller.png
Views: 286
Size:  617.7 KB
    The Insanity image is accurate as of 31st January 2022.

    The First Time Reward is 1 Skill Shard, 1 Epic Soul, 400 Talisman Fragments, and 35 Ironite.

    Insanity drops 20 Icy Talisman Fragments, and two stacks of 3 Evolution Shards. The additional rewards are the same as the other stages, but everything has a higher chance of dropping. Or perhaps there is a lower chance of getting nothing from each run.
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    Reserving this post for potential future updates.

    24/11/19 - Enemy wave image has been updates to show the correct enemy order, and the correct Boss in final wave.
    11/12/19 - Added Quick Reference image at the top of the guide. Should allow people to easily know which colour evolution shards drop more often.
    22/12/19 - Using the 2nd Reserved Post for the Madness stage, and using the 3rd Reserved Post for the Update/Issues log.
    23/12/19 - Added more information to the Madness stage post.
    9/1/2020 - Updated Quick Reference image at the top of the guide to better reflect recent changes to the dungeon.
    10/1/2020 - Added a missing talisman to the Madness enemy wave image, and updated various parts of the Madness text.
    28/2/2020 - Changed the updates in the first post to reflect the discovery of the Insanity stage.
    28/2/2020 - The 2nd post will now be used for both Madness and Insanity levels. Updates to follow when information is confirmed.
    31/1/2022 - Updated the enemy layout images for the Madness and Insanity stages, reflecting the current version of the dungeons, as multiple changes have been made to the dungeon over the past year.

    Enemy wave image needs to be updated to include relevant strategic advice. Possibly. Maybe not.
    A new Insanity difficulty stage was discovered on 27/2/2020. Will need to be catalogued and the guide updated.
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    Weird thing is that for me the boss is the second blue bat and not Beelzebub 🤔

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndyCatzo View Post
    Weird thing is that for me the boss is the second blue bat and not Beelzebub ��
    Thanks for pointing this out. I had swapped those around when putting the images together, as I'd thought the game has incorrectly mislabelled the boss. Have just gone back and tested it with single target attackers, and killing that second blue bat ends the fight. That is a very strange decision having the bat as the boss, but he is the boss, so I'll go change that image.

    Update: Image fixed, including the enemy order in Waves 1&3.
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    Nice job! Very informative.

    Best thing is I don't have to now... thanks.

    I did get screenshots and info, but have been grinding this cool dungeon 8 hours at a time everyday, that it's hard to do much else.

    I actually have images for many other dungeons ready to document, but wasn't sure if I should cuz of the way the game has been, and my care factor has dropped.

    You have inspired me as well.
    Keep up the good work!

    I am sure many new people months from now will continue to find this valuable.

    My best time is 0:20
    Name:  Screenshot_20191120-164349.png
Views: 3853
Size:  327.2 KB

    Also, a lone Eddie works!
    Name:  Screenshot_20191119-083938.png
Views: 3868
Size:  233.1 KB
    Bakura-0090 / The EXORCISTS Clan

    *All Eddies!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bakura View Post
    Best thing is I don't have to now... thanks.
    I did get screenshots and info, but have been grinding this cool dungeon 8 hours at a time everyday, that it's hard to do much else.
    I actually have images for many other dungeons ready to document, but wasn't sure if I should cuz of the way the game has been, and my care factor has dropped.
    Hahah, glad I've saved you the bother. I probably should have asked you first, made sure you weren't already half through making one. I thought Frozen Wasteland would be a good one for me to start with, as the dungeon is so much easier than the others, there wouldn't be much demand for a guide. A low-stakes opportunity to try learning something new. I now understand just how much work it is to put these together!

    I had a lot of fun editing the images for this, and playing around with BB Code formatting. Going to spend a bit of time this afternoon coming up with a template I can use to easily make more of those Wave Guides in the future.

    Which dungeons were you thinking of doing next? I wouldn't mind working on another of the easier dungeons, and would be more than happy if you wanted to collaborate in the future. Or at least make sure we're not both working on the same ones at the same time

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    This is honestly the best dungeon to farm overnight. 8 hours, unlimited plays, good resources, and easy achievements. True, it's not great for awakening characters as much as the other dungeons are, but this works for me.

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    Azagthor, this is an awesome guide. Looking forward to more of this quality stuff in the future! Thank you!

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    Great job, Azagthor, really really great. Thanks.

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