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    Legacy of the Beast - State of the Nation - July 2020 Update

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    First of all, let me say Thank you to everyone reading this. I know you have been expecting it for a while now!

    Our second State of the Nation for 2020 is designed to give you some insight into where we are heading for the rest of 2020. These updates will also be switching to quarterly, so expect another update in the Fall/Autumn.

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    Current Roadmap for the remainder of 2020

    As we progress through 2020, we have more events planned including some special plans for Halloween and another Mega Event in the Fall/Autumn with some godlike rewards! These events will introduce more Eddies and Allies for you to collect! Along with these events we will be launching a new feature, tentatively called Event Currencies! For more on this, keep reading! There is a whole section dedicated to it.

    X Factor Eddie’s concept art was released in July and we plan on sharing with everyone his journey to becoming a full (half?) Eddie in the game! As they become available, we will share his 3D model, his animations and any other fun stuff in between now and release!

    We know you all want to hear about Silent Planet and Isle of Avalon. For now, all I have to share is that the the first stages of Avalon will be coming early 2021. The next State of the Nation in the Fall will have more information!

    Update and details on Clans and Raid Boss

    Clans have come a long way since launch and the last State of the Nation. We launched our Raid Boss feature in the Spring that saw players facing off against Odin. More recently we added our second Raid Boss Baphomet, added a ton of quality improvements to the feature based on your feedback and by the time this post is live, our first ever Clan only Raid Boss event will have gone live!

    In the last 3 months alone, as a community you have:

    • Summoned 17,345 Tribute Souls
    • Summoned 517,907 Clan Souls
    • An Average of 300-450 Tribute saved up

    The top 5 most popular purchases from the Clan Store are now... Awakening Souls, Thor Eddie Fragments, Valhalla Soul Fragments, Frontier Coins and Clan Souls! Awakening Souls are now more popular than Thor Eddie Fragments!

    There are now more than 800 Clans participating in the Raid Boss battles and claiming their rewards every week with 770 of them having more than 20 members!

    We have one more Raid Boss to come in this installment of Clans, some of you have already started guessing who this might be, but here is the Banner for the god that would challenge you and your Clan.

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    Currency/ Frags

    We’ve heard your feedback on Fragments being used as a currency and the confusion this can cause. We’ve been hard at work on a solution that should reduce your fragment piles, and also make trading for items much easier.

    That's why we designed EVENT CURRENCIES.

    Event Currencies will be implemented with the primary use of replacing Soul Fragments as an event currency that players spend on items in the store. These will be more recognizable and also be reusable. No more one time fragments with no use after the event ends!

    Soul Fragments will not be going anywhere, they will continue to be used with their primary use in mind, to Summon Souls of your favourite Eddies and Allies. But at least now you won't need to worry about confusing Fragments that are intended to be traded in-store!

    This feature will be implemented in the near future, we are excited to get it up and running as soon as possible! Here are some of the Work-in-Progress art pieces for the Event Currencies!

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    Art Update

    The Art team have sent over some more amazing Concept Art and Animation GIFs for me to share! The team always blow us away with their creations, so I feel it is only fair to share the amazing work. Here are some images and GIFs of recent and upcoming characters!


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    Blackbeard Eddie

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    I've included more images and GIFs in the comments below!

    Corona Update

    The State of the World is just as important as the State of the Nation. As I am sure many of you are, we at Navigator Games have all been working from home since March of this year.

    While health and safety are our top priority, we also recognize the importance of maintaining the continuity of our regular business operations and have built a remote work infrastructure to best support this. This includes delivering on our current content plans, the maintenance and upkeep of Legacy of the Beast, as well as continuing development of the game.

    We hope you have all been keeping safe and healthy!

    Signing off

    Until next time, Troopers. The News Frontier will be returning to continue with its week to week updates!

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    Mongolian Archer Concept

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    Mongolian Archer Attack GIF


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