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    Rise of the Empire - Info and Discussion

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    Rise of the Empire is a series of events that will run through the month of September. These events will all grant the exact same fragment type - Invasion FRAGMENTS!

    There will be a total of 6 Rise of the Empire associated events.

    Events where you are earn Invasion Fragments are as follows:

    Conquest's End (Dungeon) **
    Cosmic Vengeance (Evolution)
    Nordic Knights (Raid Boss) **
    Magus Mongolian Archer (Fragment)
    Pride's Fall (Sacrifice)
    Glutton's Ruin (Time Rift)

    **Clan events! Extra event challenges will be available to players who belong to a Clan. Some of these Challenges will contain Solo or Group targets. Clan Solo event challenges count your progress alone (you still need to be in a Clan to see these challenges). Clan Group event challenges will count the efforts of all members of your Clan towards the ultimate goal!

    BONUS: For the month of September, Invasion Fragments will also be earnable through infinitely repeatable event challenges involving the Raven’s Altar, Gangland and Mayan Frontier Dungeons!

    Spend your Invasion Fragments in the Event store tab to get rare rewards including Khan Eddie and his matching character specific talisman!

    Ride into Battle! Khan Eddie is an AWAKENABLE 5★ Warrior who specializes in executing brutal physical damage attacks on single targets and enhancing his teams combat abilities by applying effects such as Damage Charge and Armor Penetration.

    Get full character details in the Compendium!

    The Cosmic Mongol Talisman provides an exclusive bonus when equipped to Khan Eddie, Ghengis Khan and other Mongol themed characters. This Talisman increases stats in battle, and reduces incoming damage. Its wearers will also:

    Gain Perfect Immunity for 1 turn whenever this talisman becomes active. Remove and Prevent all Invincibility, Perfect Heal Shield and Physical Block effects on all enemies until they die at the start of battle and at the start of your turn. Permanently Increase ATK on self by +100%. Permanently Reduce DEF and SPECIAL on all enemies by -25% after every action. Deal Additional Physical Damage to each enemy equal to 300% of their MISSING HP if they are at 50% HP or below after every action.

    Since the event Fragments are meant to be spent in store they will ‘loop’ if you claim them as a Soul (if claimed, one of these event souls will simply produce the same 500 Fragments, and 1 1* Gold Idol, thus returning the fragments used to create it, and the Gold spent to summon it). If you do not wish to spend these Fragments in store, you can always convert them into Precious Soul Fragments.

    Rise of the Empire offers will be available in the Event store until 5PM PT ON OCTOBER 5TH 2020!

    After this time, all Event store items will disappear and Invasion Fragments will only be able to be converted into Precious Soul Fragments.

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    It doesn't seem very wise to farm Mayan Dungeon... 600 keys aprox.

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    Regardless Khan Eddie design,are you familiar with the Bulgarian Fan Club of Maiden and some of the designs they made?

    Member of Bulgaria 681 clan

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    Since Gangland is one of this month's featured grinding dungeons, figured I'd share this here for people. Raven's Altar and the Mayan Dungeon have their own dedicated threads.

    You can find more information about the Gangland dungeon in the Compendium. Keep in mind this 4* version of Wrathchild does not have a passive (thankfully!), and both The Killer and Gangland Eddie have greatly increased HP.

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    For the love of god, please don't start the Towerfall event midway through a gauntlet round. It sucks when that happens.

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