A new update is now available!

New Achievements
  • 4 new Achievements have been added to the Challenge menu.

New Awakenable Characters
The Edless Horseman and Rainmaker Eddie are now awakenable! You can start powering up these characters to new levels as of this update.

Store Updates
Eternity Eddie, Beelzebub, The Clairvoyant and Wrath have been removed from the Frontier Store, and placed into the Arena Store. They cost 300 Eternity Soul Fragments each.
Trooper Eddie, Lady Azoz, Bastion and Warlord have been removed from the Frontier Store and placed into the Trooper Store. They cost 12,000 Trooper Badges each.

Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Powered up all High Virtue Talismans (full details in tuning notes)
  • We have fixed an issue where it was possible to open more than 1 Master Key Soul at the same time
  • False God Eddie’s passive has been repaired to function as described
  • Adjusted Avalon's Skull Quest so it unlocks at 1150 Skulls and a NORMAL completion, rather than 1150 Skulls and a MADNESS completion
  • Fixed an issue with the Cosmic Pharaoh Dog Talisman so Power and Fury gains at the stated rate and not just once
  • Resolved an issue with The Ancient Mariner’s passive ability ‘The Dead Sea’ and Brave Talismans where these were unintentionally stopping abilities which Instantly Kill characters. (see tuning notes for full details)
  • Fixed a bug with Hellfire Ammunition Talismans and Shattered Yumi Talismans that was giving players infinite turns
  • Updated the description of the Cosmic Mongol Talisman to include Supreme Commander Arakhan.

    We also resolved the following issues via a Client Update that was pushed live on October 20th

Tuning Changes
Follow this link to see all the Tuning Changes in this release!

Book of Souls Changes
New characters added to the Book of Souls character pool:
  • Dark Road Eddie (Sentinel)