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Tides of Change is a series of events that will run through the month of January. These events will all grant the exact same currency type - Ritualistic Scripts!

There will be a total of 8 Tides of Change associated events.

Events where you are earn Ritualistic Scripts Currency are as follows:

New Year's Saining (Book Of Souls)
Walls Of Montségur (Frontier)
Hold The Line (Raid Boss)**
Stormy Suppression (Evolution)
Writing On The Wall (dungeon)
Feast Or Famine (Variety)**
Magus Fomorian (Fragment)
Renewed Faith (Cosmos & Frontier)

**Clan events! Extra event challenges will be available to players who belong to a Clan. Some of these Challenges will contain Solo or Group targets. Clan Solo event challenges count your progress alone (you still need to be in a Clan to see these challenges). Clan Group event challenges will count the efforts of all members of your Clan towards the ultimate goal!

BONUS: For the month of January, Ritualistic Scripts will also be earnable through infinitely repeatable event challenges involving the Labyrinth, Icy Abyss and Arcade Armageddon Frontier Dungeons!

Trade your Ritualistic Scripts in the Event Store for rare rewards including Storm Rider Killers Eddie, Cosmic Storm Herald Talismans and more!

Have you seen the writing on the wall?
Have you seen that writing?

From out of the storm, the riders descend. Storm-Rider Killers Eddie is the third rider revealed, a sickening reminder that many of us are still instinct driven, working hard everyday to live in this concrete jungle. This Eddie brings a combination of Killers Eddie's heavy damage kit alongside the Storm-Rider's new abilities. You'll want to bring specific characters alongside Storm-Rider Eddie to bolster his Heraldry. The larger your Heraldry, the more powerful he'll become!

The Cosmic Storm Herald Talisman provides an exclusive bonus when equipped to Storm-Rider characters, or the upcoming Storm-Herald. This Talisman increases stats in battle, and reduces incoming damage. Its wearers will also gain the following effects:

Gain immunity to all beneficial and negative effects for 3 turns at the start of the battle.

If you’re a Storm-Rider named character, choose a random ally. If that ally is not in your Heraldry, they join your Heraldry. If they are part of your Heraldry, they become your Champion, gaining the following:
• Innate Ascension and immunity from Passive Disable Effects for the duration of the battle.
• 30% Chance to grant and Extra Turn, Sacrifice for 1 turn and a unique Heraldry Effect for the duration of the battle to each member of your Heraldry after every action.

If you’re The Storm-Herald, gain the following effects:
• Deal a number of hits of random damage to a random enemy, inflicting the same number of random Silver effects for 3 turns on them equal to the number of times you’ve used Shard-Ring Aegis since you last died, after every action.
• Deal a number of hits of random damage to each enemy equal to the number of times you’ve used Shard-Ring Aegis since you last died, when you die for the first time. If Senjutsu Eddie is on your team when you die, he is granted 'when you die for the first time, if there is only 1 alive enemy, instantly kill that enemy. This doesn’t affect bosses.

Currency can also be traded for Cosmic High Virtue - Charity Talismans, as well as various Souls, currencies and powerup materials.

Tides of Change offers will be available in the Event store until 4PM PT ON February 6th 2022!

After this time, all Event store items will disappear and Ritualistic Scripts will be automatically converted into Precious Soul Fragments at a 10% rate.