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    March 2022 Tuning - PRELIMINARY

    Greetings Troopers!

    Here are the Preliminary Tuning Notes for an update coming out next week!
    Important note: We've listed a number of quality of life fixes that you can expect in the next update, subject to change there may be an updated posting on release.
    The changes listed here are NOT live just yet. The quality of life changes will go live, along with the rest of the changes noted here in our next update. You can discuss the upcoming changes here.
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    Clan Mythical Soul Drops after the March Tuning Update:
    This soul guarantees a 5★ Ultimate Sacrificial Heart
    This soul also has four additional bonus with varying chances: 16.00% of Gold, 13.00% of Iron Coins, 13.00% of Frontier Coins, 10.00% of Ironite, 9.00% of Tribute, 7.50% of Awakening Soul Fragments, 5.00% of 3★ Colourless Awakening Shards, 3.50% of 4★ Colourless Awakening Shards, 2.00% of 5★ Colourless Awakening Shards, 5.00% of 1★ Cosmic Evo Rune (T3), 3.50% of 2★ Cosmic Evo Rune (T3), 3★ 2.00% of Cosmic Evo Rune (T3), 4.00% of Skill Shards, 1.50% of Clan God Soul Fragments, 2.00% of Talisman Epic Soul Fragments, 1.50% of Talisman Epic Gold Red Soul Fragments, 1.00% of Talisman Legendary Soul Fragments, 0.50% of Talisman Legendary Red Gold Soul Fragments

    The Previous odds are as follows:

    This soul guarantees a 5★ Ultimate Sacrificial Heart
    This soul also has two additional bonus with varying chances: 9.75% of Gold, 8.00% of 5★ Colorless Awakening Shard, 8.00% of Skill Shards, 9.50% of Frontier Coins, 9.50% of Ironite, 8.00% of Talisman Soul Fragment, 5.00% of Talisman Gold Red Soul Fragment, 1.50% of Talisman Legendary Soul Fragment, 1.00% of Talisman Legendary Gold Red Soul Fragment, 0.25% of Talisman Mythical Red Soul Fragment, 8.75% of Awakening Soul Fragments, 9.75% of Tribute, 9.75% of Iron Coins, 9.75% of Alchemist Soul Fragments, 1.50% of Clan God Soul Fragment

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