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    Game Update - May 31st 2022

    A new update is now available!

    Updated Frontier Dungeon
    The Gangland Frontier dungeon now has a Hard Difficulty setting. We’ll have an event focused on this dungeon starting in June!

    New Achievements
    • 4 new Achievements have been added to the Challenge menu.

    New Awakenable Characters
    We’re introducing 2 new awakenable characters this month. The first is Gambler Eddie, the winner of the Awakening Duel event we held in March! The second character will be introduced in mid-June!

    Store Updates
    We have made three additions to the Frontier Store. Wasteland Eddie (8000 Frontier Coins), Merlin (4000 Frontier Coins) and Gunner Angel (2500 Frontier Coins) are available now!

    We’ve also expanded the offerings in the Arena Store. Genghis Khan (15,000 Iron Coins) and Dark Prophet (15,000 Iron Coins) are available there now.

    Tuning Notes
    See full Tuning Notes here.

    Bug Fixes and Improvements
    • Storm-Rider Pharaoh Eddie added to the list of characters that can use the Desert Deity Cosmic Talisman
    • Electric Awakening Shards have been added to the Awakening Soul
    • Cosmic Aries and Cosmic Tower Talismans have been added to the Talisman Soul

    Future Changes to Raid Boss Coming
    We’ll be making an update to Raid Boss loot tables and raid point distribution in our August update which is due out at the very end of July. We’ll have more details on this in our next State of the Nation (you can expect this around our 6th Anniversary).

    Book of Souls Additions
    The Red Queen, Magus Fomorian, King Arthur Eddie, Monsters Bat Eddie and Assassin Mystic have been added to the main soul pool.

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