Final month of the year! That means a massive month for LOTB, hopefully!

A note here: I have tried playing through the Icy Abyss on hard mode. The Icy Abyss contains most of the characters I assume we will be getting this month, so if you do not want spoilers there, stop reading here.

Snowmageddon just came out, and has Frozen False Gods Eddie. Very cool, looks like a Game of Thrones character.
Wreath of Ice: My guess is that the Ice Queen will drop here. Very unique and interesting character!
Krampuslauf: I assume this is the Sentinel Krampus that was revealed in Icy Abyss.
Splintered Armor: Evo event, same as usual.
Unleashed Swarm: Not too sure here. Maybe some sort of rodent/bug themed character or talisman?
From the Abyss: This is the new Icy Abyss difficulty dungeon.
By the Horns: Not too sure here, maybe some new bull themed talismans or a bull themed zodiac character?
Gauntlet Winter Tour: Finally, Lucifer leaves the gauntlet. I wasn't personally a huge fan of his addition, but I understand the new Dark Unawakened stuff had to be gained somewhere.
Hell and Ice: New dungeon, I assume with a background similar to the one in Abominable Eddie's event post.
Cosmic Child of the Damned: Fragment character event, nothing crazy here.
Demonic Upheaval: Not a clue here. Could be any character/talisman really. The Frost Giant may drop here.

Finally, the month long event is called Deck the Hells, and it features Abominable Eddie. He looks great, and I am quite excited for this month. What do you all think?