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    Kaijesterís Guide to Uncommon/Rare Talisman & their effects

    As I have proceed quite a fair bit in this game, I will like to share my findings & opinion on the uncommon or rare Talisman that I’ve collected.
    Note that below are all passive traits unless otherwise stated with powers.

    2 Sets Talisman
    Penetrating Talisman (Magic Penetration)- 35% Chance to ignore MR on Perfect Attacks
    This grant higher magical damage occasionally on foes of higher level, in that sense is better than Magic +20% of MR.

    Piercing Talisman (Armor Piercing) - 35% Chance to gain Ignore DEF on Perfect Attacks
    Same as Penetration but for high DEF foes instead.

    Ascension Talisman – Increase Magic by 1% of HP
    1% of 10k HP is only +100 and it only consider your base HP.

    Crystal Talisman – Increase MR by 1% of HP
    Have not met a magic attack that require me to increase my MR. Even if there is any, I will rather bet on other MR increase Talisman.

    Burn Talisman – 35% Chance to apply Physical Burn on Perfect Attacks
    Fun for a bit but not worth replacing the Strength increase for better physical attacks.

    Shock Talisman – 35% to apply Shock on Perfect Attacks
    Same as Burn Talisman except deal magic damage over time

    3 Sets Talisman
    Blind Talisman – 35% Chance to Blind target on Perfect Attacks
    Tested with ally that hit all enemies with basic attack. Low chance to get the effect stick on the enemy, and even lower for them to miss even when blinded. Tried two rounds of battle and only one enemy with one miss on me.

    Death Talisman – Grant Death Mark Skill to wearer
    Death Mark Skill (7 powers): Deals true damage to all enemies based on ATK & apply up to 3 marks. Perfect hits consume marks and deal extra true damage per mark on the target
    You use a turn to apply this skill which takes 7 powers to use, deal a weaker attack on all enemies, and spend another turn to hit perfect to deal a little more damage. Too much sacrifice on stats, powers and turns make this skill unattractive.

    Explosive Talisman: Grants Explosive Shield Skill to wearer
    Explosive Shield (6 powers): Creates a shield that absorbs 50% of all damage and returns it as True damage while applying a Flare status to all enemies
    This skill only apply to wearer and takes a turn, not that attractive to me.

    Cyclone Talisman: Grants Cyclone Shield Skill to wearer
    Cyclone Shield (5 powers): Creates a shield that absorbs 50% of all magic damage and return it as True damage based on your HP
    Will work better if the shield is for all allies and absorbs all damage instead of magic damage.

    Thorn Talisman – 45% Chance to gain Thorn Shield on Perfect Attacks, Thorn Shield reflect 50% of all physical damage for 1 turn
    Works better than other shield as this is a passive shield but will work better if for all allies.

    Invisibility Talisman – 35% Chance to Vanish on Perfect Attacks
    Activated twice in a single battle, and none on another battle. Too unreliable but Vanish is a powerful skill.

    Energy Talisman – 45% Chance to steal Power on Perfect Attacks
    Not bad, wish it takes only 2 sets to work.

    Void Talisman – 35% Chance to trigger Void Shield on all allies on Perfect Attacks
    Void shield reduce physical and magic damage and return as true damage to each attacker at end of their turn. Estimated at 20%. True damage is not affected by this shield. And it randomly apply to ally or allies.

    Thief Talisman - 35% Chance to steal Fury meter from target on Perfect Attacks
    This would be extremely helpful to clear Garden of Aset which the winged boss keep reviving and full heal with her Special move.
    I had a hard time clearing that mission by using basic moves only and wish I had these Talisman earlier.

    Vampiric Talisman - 45% Chance to gain Lifesteal status on Perfect Attacks
    Got 3 of these from 1st completion of Hard mode: LightBringer. This Talisman is not even listed in the drop info!

    Paralysis Tailsman - 12% Chance to Stun on Perfect Attacks
    Definitely a useful passive trait but the nerf bat reduced it to meh.

    Freezing Talisman - 35% Chance to Freeze the target and apply Magic Burn for 1 turn
    Tried for a couple of battles and the effect happen rarely despite I uses a ally that hit all.

    Guard Talisman - 45% Chance to raise DEF by 50% on Perfect Attacks.
    Good for tanker Sentinels.

    Talisman that I am still trying to collect:

    Comet Talisman
    Meteor Talisman
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    As far as I have seen, the [stat]x[stat] talisman are actually stronger than the default stat sets IF you build 3 sets, as the sets stack. They also seem to be good for specific units, like Assassins that scale of both ATK and MAGIC, for instance. Not sure if you've experienced the same thing.

    Good thread BTW, consider posting it on the lotb reddit:
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    Indeed, but those are applicable only to Assassins character as I will always need Health Talisman to last in a high level battle.

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    Great post, thanks. I think this should be in the Guides and Tips category.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hellrider View Post
    Great post, thanks. I think this should be in the Guides and Tips category.
    You are right...hmmm. How do I move this to Guides & Tips?

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    I think only moderators can do that.

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    Stickied. I will also try to update it with images of the talismans when I can (no promises). Thanks Kaijester!

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    for the Freezing Talisman. Recently got the third one and its 35% chance to freeze enemies for 1 turn and apply magic burn for 1 turn.

    Honestly i tested it for like an hour and IMO definitely not worth it. It is too unreliable and i havent seen the freeze effect much (sometimes not even once during the whole battle).

    Hope this helps.
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    Best Talisman I've encountered so far is the Comet Talisman Set. It's a very high chance to AOE freeze the enemy team. If you have Soldier Eddie you can get the energy to use it on the first turn, with a bit of luck. It also does decent damage on a high magic damage unit:

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    Where did you get Comet Talisman?

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