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    Beginner's Guide v.1

    Hi all, in the following post i'll be trying to make a full guide from begining the game till reaching the end (complete the 4th world in madness).I've found no traces of such a guide, if you think i've mistaken somewhere, i'll welcome any tips. Up the Irons. I won't be talking much about PVP, i am not even sure if there's a minimum level to fight in the arena. For beginners reading this post, a feedback would be nice.

    I'll put in green any small tips, the rest will be in white.

    1. Getting Started
    2. General Tips
    3. I need 4* Toons
    4. Toons to keep and upgrade
    5. Talisman Advanced
    6. I need 5* Toons
    Read 1 and 2 before posting a new thread on the forum, it's not an obligation, just an advice

    1. Getting started
    toons = characters

    You've just followed the tutorial and cleared half of first wolrd in normal mode (if not do so, the tutorial is well done and will explain you the basics) or maybe more. As long as you dont have any problems, just keeping going through quests. I assume you will go through half the second world without any difficulties, but when things are getting tougher, here are the things you will try

    -You've certainly managed to get a few talismans, equip them, for now you can just try to match the color (between the talismans and the toons)
    -Upgrade everything !!! Just kidding but try to power up and upgrade the toons you use most, usually a 1* toon upgraded to 2* is weaker than a 2* toon (base rarity), same for every rarity except maybe for 4* evolved in 5* but it's not your problem for now.
    -Take care of your toons' weaknesses (red>green>blue>red) if you struggle to pass a stage.
    -Keep your skill shard for now, they are not worth using, they are extremely hard to get (though the game rewards you some at the begining) wait to have a toon who is worth
    -When you are blocked, try to get full completion (3 objectives passed) on precedent stage
    -Use revive if you really can't pass a stage and you feel it is because the ennemy toons perfectly counter your strategy, but do not abuse of revive ironite doesn't grow on trees (not sure, i've never asked the devs)

    2. General Tips

    -Get powerful troopers
    -->Just ask in this thread, high level player don't look for powerful troopers but they want people who will play with their toons everyday
    -->Try to use them all everyday (its the main reason they've accepted you) but save them for hard stages

    -Get Talismans and talismans upgrade (625 Ironite)
    -->A 3* toon full of 5* talismans is far stronger than a 5* toon with no talismans
    -->Save most of your ironite to buy Upgrade Packs, it's the only way to get high level (4* and 5*) talismans
    -->Green are always good, every toon needs health, it may not be optimal on every toon but it's alaways better than a red talismans on a blue toon
    -->Try to get sets of talismans

    -Read your toons abilities
    -->Magic damage scales with MAGIC
    -->Physical damage scales with ATK
    -->True damage scales with both MAGIC and ATK
    -->Sometimes it is written that this ability's damage scales with MAX HP, DEF, SPECIAL, ... most often it will scale well with this stat though it will always scale with MAGIC/ATK (see the last 3 lines)
    Some toons (e.g. Magus Allied Soldier, Assassin Soulless demon...) scales better with talismans that are not from their color, read their abilities and test if you have any doubt

    -Do not sell your toons, sacrificing them is far better. You'll slowly get a considerable amount of small souls, it will take a lot of time but if you sacrifice enough of them (really a lot) you'll be able to fill the vortex (little purple circle on the sacrifice menu shows the progression) and the rewards are really great.

    -Look at quests, try to do the daily ones, well, daily and look if you need just one more toon sacrifced, or just one more Lord of light fight to get a reward, do it.

    -When you hit upgrade (in "my team" menu) you can see where the necessary items can be found and the drop rate in these particular places

    -Fight in arena, not for the weekly rewards but for the iron coins, spare them to buy a legendary soul. The best thing to buy with iron coins are skill shards, but for now you need powerful toons, more than skill shards.

    3. I need 4* toons

    You've reached the end of the battlefield in normal, or maybe a bit further but now you feel like the only way to get further is using your troopers toons, getting ironite is painfully slow, you lack of gold to upgrade your talismans...

    As i've said before, talismans are great, you'll need to farm some stage for gold to be able to upgrade them, find the most rewarding stage (in terms of gold) you can easily pass to get gold. It is always great to upgrade your talisman.

    But you want 4* toons, cause you are not just a gold farming machine and you're getting sick of playing 40 times to slowly upgrading your talismans. If you want to get 4* stars toons you'll still need to farm, but unlocking a 5th slot of talisman will increase their power (obviously). So here is the best way to do it :
    Farm the Lord of Light stage, for 2* evo shards, you will farm stage 4 or a higher one (always farm the harder one you can defeat EASILY). They will only drop shards of their color so you'll have to wait:
    -Sunday for Gunners
    -Monday for Assassins
    -Tuesday for Warrior
    -Wednesday for Magus
    -Thursday for Sentinels

    It will take some time to get a full 4 stars team, not too long, a few days unless your team is 4 toons of the same color. With a team full of 4* toons and with only 5* talismans you will be able to clear everything except the underworld in madness (you may need a few revive some time, but not much)

    4. Toons to keep and upgrade
    It is an exhautive list, any help is welcomed, at first toons will be missing or maybe will need to be removed, for now it will be far to small

    -Pharaoh water spirit has a revive, decent aoe damages, best 1* or 2* i think

    - Magus Allied Soldier equip him with green talismans
    - Sentinel Undead Rescuer really good against teams with a lots of buff or debuff, excellent against Lord of Light stages
    - Soldier Eddie You will receive him going through battlefield in normal
    - Assassin Golden Son heavy damage, he can give your whole team endure (you cant go under 1HP) for 2 turn (cost 5PWR)

    - Sentinel dog of war pair him with shell talisman and go for 3 heavy dmg dealers and him in your team, he blocks attacks that would injure his allies under 75% of their hp

    - Sentinel soulless demon equip him with blind talismans, he has AoE taunt and true damage based on Max HP
    - Angel of Fear Really great passive, gives you an extra turn for drawing first blood each fight for all your allies
    - Gunner Corrupt rescuer Really good, really nice passive, can revive an ally while giving endure to all your team
    - Allied Bomber Boy Damage scalling on HP and DEF, great healing
    - Assassin/Warrior Newborn of Light, Revenge and buff removing attacks
    - Warrior Troll

    Don't forget that this part is based on my opinion and most played toons on PVP and that it might be obsolete in a few weeks, Don't forget either that you can create your own strategy which may make some toons not listed here OP

    5. Talismans Advanced

    Check this post to know the location of all talismans

    Farm Kingdom of sands, Underworld and Battlefield on madness to get 3* shards
    Green in KoS and Bf, Blue in KoS, Red in Bf, Yellow and Purple in Uw

    Get sets' effects, percentage bonuses only scale of base stats.

    Ask in the talisman section of the forum if you want more precise tips

    6. I need 5* Toons

    Farm stage 7 to 10 of Lord of Light, you will get a 3* shard (colored one) every 1 out of 12 combat at stage 7, 1 out of 4 combat at stage 10 (it's not precise stats, its just based on my observations)

    If you get a full 5* team with talismans, you will finish the game easily, and you will be ready for grinding the PVP ladder

    p.s. If any mod finds this post good/helpful enough he can stick it or copy it and stick it. If any dev can tells me if ironite grows on tree i'd be grateful.

    Edit : changed GS, thx R1ck
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    Assasin GS is a 3* toon, check

    Nice work by the way.
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    Hey man,

    I wish I had one of those when I first started!

    Great Job


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    Really nice write up there. Like others I wish I had these at the start. I remember the happiness when I discovered by accident that sets of talisman did stuff - that changed my success very early on a had not noticed that for several weeks or more! Later on getting some strong troopers was a massive help on later stages - not just that but I had so few to start with that I did not see the importance of them or how much they help with Skill Shards...oh and when I got Skill Shards and quickly stuck them on my current top few toons or Eddie without any thought for later on what you would actually need - but I am sure a fair few of us did this too.

    I did quickly learn the importance of grinding earlier levels and again this was a game changer for me as it meant I could auto play a lot and not do any levels I could not clear on auto.

    Great job OP.
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    Well done Nerada ! wish i had keep skill shard at the beginning..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nerada View Post
    p.s. If any mod finds this post good/helpful enough he can stick it or copy it and stick it.
    Stickied. Great work!

    Quote Originally Posted by Nerada View Post
    If any dev can tells me if ironite grows on tree i'd be grateful.
    Well, bare minimum they "grow" in these places:

    • 10 Ironite every day for completing all daily challenges
    • A chance of 5 or more Ironite per secret location each time they are cleared
    • As long as you do at least one PVP battle in a week, a guaranteed amount of Ironite once a week based on your division
    • Every character you defeat in combat (PVP and PVE) has a small chance of giving you 1 Ironite

    So lots of places you can farm Ironite beyond the one-time rewards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nerada View Post

    - Mummy Eddy best eddy for PVP for now, however he's getting nerfed

    Is he still viable in PVP ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noventa View Post
    Is he still viable in PVP ?
    Yep! He's just not as good as he once was. You can use him, but don't feel any need to shard him up.
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    Is there any updated list?
    Or is this list at 90% still good, despite nerfs and new characters?

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    I updated it, but yeah no big changes

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