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Thread: Clear numbers

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    Clear numbers

    Hello Guys!

    I could not really find a topic where this was deeply discussed about, so I give it a try. I am so upset if I see a description with an exact number and the experiences show something total different. For example we have our sweet gunner pharaoh dog. Its power ability says that the party has 50% chance to get immune for two turns but it gives the immunity every single time. This can't be considered as a bug or so and it's not about luck, it's clearly the fact that the numbers given doesn't cover the reality. Okay, sometimes it's a bug but those are mainly corrected with time but far not all of them. The case of talismans is a mess. Back in time freeze talismans were the most popular becuse they worked so well and almost nobody uses them nowadays. Its description did not change with time. Even these august update changes did not solve the talisman proc problems IMO.

    I just wanted to say that if the numbers are given then they should work as described, else we can't decide what to keep and upgrade. It is definitely easier to simply rewrite a number in the functional working, but not to give any notifications to the users about it to avoid complains(?). Who would even care about a talisman which promises a lame 5% proc rate for 3 slots? This problem affects so many characters and talismans that it is really annoying. Maybe they should just give us the abilities like "Sometimes freezes the enemy." or "It is very likely to stun the target" (joke). What do you think?

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    Sadly, this is it.
    Wait until you see what an Echo / extra turn does...
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