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    i understand you friend,i think i played this game to find VHE after 2 years finally found him,now i can play just for fun,i lost hope for VHE(selling more than 50my full sharded characters few months ago) and he come from no where(still i can't bealive that i have him)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yup View Post
    I think it's just you and all those dupes you hold onto. If I had your luck, I'd have quit playing long, long ago.
    just loot in rare soul my 100000th AOS cool, another shit to up to level 80
    I play all troopers all days.

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    It is like that for us long time players isn't it, yesterday I pulled a Pharoah Eddie from a rare soul, this was the 6th or 7th time I've got him, the number of 5* Eddies I haven't got is steadily rising but still I pull the same damn one every time it seems.

    Part of it is perspective though, what is there now all told? 200 - 250 characters?

    If you hold onto the majority of the decent ones or like me just collect one of everything 3* and up then of course the odds of pulling something new go way down.
    Also you get lulled into a false sense of success from pulling so many new characters when you start out, as you move on the drops of fresh decent * characters goes way down.
    Still that doesn't explain why we seem to always pull the same one..

    Perhaps when you create your LOTB account and first start they stamp you with the Pharoah Eddie stamp or the Magis COTD stamp or something.

    "rags you shall henceforth be known as the gatherer of Pharoah Eddies" "now go forth and gather as many dupe toons as possible"
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