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  1. Talismans negating talismans
  2. "Claim all" for Soul Fragments
  3. Arena - separate reward ladders for points vs rank
  4. MASSIVE PROBLEM : shortage of colorless evo runes
  5. Favorite Character Selection
  6. Skill Shards Suggestions
  7. Sort by Talismans
  8. Sort by Skill Shards
  9. IC for FC
  10. Pst
  11. Less new toons - more balancing/tuning
  12. Deaw option in Gauntlet
  13. Please REMOVE sorting characters!!!
  14. Themes for Gauntlet seasons
  15. A sixth Lol dungeon
  16. Block Fury Move
  17. Droprates of event items too low!
  18. Popup Adverts
  19. generic soul fragments
  20. View Talismen at Character Select Screen
  21. Event Souls Suggestion
  22. Skill shards wasted
  23. Market
  24. Getting back one time only Eddies
  25. Quick access keys or selected Character menus
  26. Best time - show team used
  27. Sand of Time max limit.
  28. Autoplay targeting equivalent to opponent
  29. Rugby Eddie
  30. State of the Union is amazing and very exciting
  31. Arena Attack tab completion reward
  32. Wording of the server maintanance messages
  33. Drummer Eddie
  34. Events and Fragments (Store)
  35. Possible collabs
  36. New 3 Star Eddie Suggestions
  37. New debuffs ideas
  38. Stranger Eddie
  39. Iron Buffs/Debuffs
  40. Eternity Eddie (and his broken basic move)
  41. The Duelists and marine characters
  42. Blood fragment offers
  43. For crying out loud & good grief. An Arena suggestion.
  44. Gift Shop
  45. Update Arena Rewards
  46. Daily free sand of time refills at specific times of the day
  47. New event idea: event free month!
  48. Please put killer prime in the frontier store
  49. Soul Packages for purchase in store....
  50. BoS Capacity Issues
  51. Number of the Beast Eddie requires the wrong amount of fragments
  52. New Toons: The Daughter and the Slayer
  53. The only Studio Album not represented by a character in the game
  54. Event souls for FC/IC/Trooper Points
  55. Passives for Older Allies
  56. Speed of the game
  57. We need more Eddies+Toons!
  58. Cosmic Talisman Evo Power Up Packs?
  59. Downgrade 3* to 2* evo runes
  60. Notifications
  61. Cumulative Battle Screen Summary
  62. Temp Relics need some TLC
  63. Revive with Passive
  64. New Forum Area: Resources
  65. A tool for exporting your list of characters would be pretty neat
  66. Trooper Dungeon - Trooper Soul Fragments
  67. Stop weekly limitations
  68. Talisman Set Idea
  69. More free SOT pls!
  70. Combat Visual Indicators
  71. Changes in the GUI to simplify the team managmenent
  72. Arena Seasons
  73. Big list of ideas
  74. Combat Tooltip Transparency Improvements
  75. Let us buy cosmic evolution items with gold
  76. Expand talisman slots
  77. rune & shard inventory
  78. Let us change keys
  79. character idea
  80. No access to book of souls or any of the stores
  81. Round limits in the gauntlet
  82. Better enemy assignments on Arena fights
  83. Show talisman set effects when selecting your own team chars/toons for a battle
  84. Please adjust the point requirements in the arena
  85. Shards - Management and Buying
  86. Which fragments are needed to purchase store items ?
  87. Trade in for awakening shards
  88. Orbits and Beneficial Effects
  89. Common souls
  90. Thank you Devs
  91. Suggestion: Clan section in this forum
  92. Frustrating Server Errors in Gauntlet
  93. Clans suggestions
  94. Test your updates before publish!
  95. Purchasing The Lord of Light Characters
  96. Test Character
  97. Suggestion for Autoplay: Auto-selling Talismans
  98. Let us play ALL LOL Dungeons EVERY day!
  99. Access My team from PvE
  100. New toons in gauntlet
  101. changes to heroic souls
  102. Let us buy ALL items in the store
  103. So This (Should Be) Next Christmas--A Yule Cat Story
  104. A members Clan chat request
  105. Search for members sucks....
  106. PvP levels
  107. Purchase items with gold
  108. Compendium suggestion
  109. Cosmic Talisman sorting...
  110. Possibly "hacked" characters and other game cheats?
  111. Let us see Talismans before fights
  112. Angry birds
  113. Cosmic Talisman Updates
  114. Talisman management system
  115. Football Eddie
  116. Trooper list
  117. Community cooperative event
  118. Open slot character
  119. Trooper Usage Suggestion
  120. Let us buy Cosmic Evo Runes
  121. Too many Key souls
  122. Miss the old general sorting
  123. Trading of toons
  124. Cosmics
  125. Stop all new events pls!
  126. Not enough colorless 4* awakening shards
  127. Add fragment names to items in the Store
  128. Rare Item Percentage
  129. Instant Feature
  130. Clan leader requests:
  131. Raise Sand of Blood Cap (Now!!)
  132. Clan Raid - Auto/Manual
  133. 'Broken Mirror' Talisman?
  134. reduce the cost to open clan mythical souls.
  135. Offer to use "another key" for a dungeon when the current one expires
  136. Fragment sorter
  137. Synch
  138. Stop these stupid arena events
  139. How about an option to save team configurations?
  140. Please add something worthwile to the trooper store
  141. Sands of blood increase
  142. Eclipse talismans deserve an upgrade!
  143. Remove skill shards from clan and tribute souls
  144. Testing Raids?
  145. Cosmic Ying? Cosmic Yang?
  146. RTTH Ed in the Trooper Store?
  147. Improve gangland dungeon drops
  148. Marksman Talisman
  149. Raise droprate of yellow bricks!
  150. evo materials
  151. clan store update 3.0
  152. Unbeatable teams in Gauntlet
  153. corrupt general buff
  154. Free Viral Key
  155. Add items to frontier store
  156. "Fragment filler" drops
  157. Intercambios en clanes
  158. Innate "invisible" effects...
  159. Bespoke Cosmics
  160. The improving graphics could have meaning...
  161. Currency display suggestions
  162. Display more resource limits in the game
  163. Improvements for Stores menu and BoS' navigation
  164. Update the compendium!
  165. Buy more server
  166. Malibu Stacy Eddie
  167. talisman management and add an item to the store
  168. Quality of life - using keys on expired dungeons.
  169. Stronger Team-Setup-Bonus
  170. Capacity Issues
  171. Quality of life: a few suggestions
  172. Flags/Categories