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  1. Which toon to shard next
  2. I’ve got hiiiiiiiim!!!
  3. Edward the Great (Magus Type)
  4. Favorite Eddies
  5. Thoughts on upcoming Eddies
  6. Doubts on what to shard next... (Corrupt General, The Witch Doctor, GPDog)
  7. Grim reaper or Trooper Eddie
  8. Talisman set for trooper eddie
  9. What are your top 3 Eddie’s?
  10. Does RPJesus don't want to give you the toon you want?
  11. Seventh Son Eddie (Magus Type)
  12. Seventh son Eddie
  13. Charicter Hitpoints Disscussion
  14. Whos got the baddest elf of the damned???
  15. Gunner The Cannoneer
  16. Lilith Choice
  17. Nomad, Wrath or COTD to shard?
  18. Iron Eddie (Assassin Type)
  19. Piece of Mind Eddie (Sentinel Type)
  20. Undead Crimean Solider (assassin type)
  21. Alexander Eddie (Warrior Type)
  22. Talismans for Wrath and Beelzebub
  23. What about iron eddie special?! 😲😱😲😱
  24. Characters to skill shard?
  25. Clansman Eddie (Warrior Type)
  26. Which Eddie should I use?
  27. Beast Eddie (Assassin Type)
  28. Top 5 ....!!???
  29. Beast Eddie and how should we run him?
  30. Magus with red talisman slot (for "latent ability II" mission)
  32. Gunner Llith hits like half of what she use to do
  33. Frontier Coins
  34. Great PVE Eddies?
  35. Need Suggestion On What to Shard
  36. Which Lilith should i aim for next?
  37. Godess Character Stats and Skills
  38. Debating 4-star healers... which is best?
  39. Assassin Desert Sniper
  40. Doomsday Eddie (Gunner Type)
  41. Accuracy down skill
  42. Unmaker
  43. PVE Farming Ally Evolve
  44. Mayan Priestess (warrior)
  45. The Alchemist
  46. Magus COTD
  47. Who should I skillshard?
  48. Warlord and Lady Azov
  49. Beast Eddie Team Suggestions?
  50. Which Sentinel Characters to 5 Star
  51. New chars worth upgrade
  52. Set
  53. Alexander... is he Great?
  54. Whom to lvl up/shard, whom to sacrifice
  55. Benjamin Breeg Eddie (Sentinel Type)
  56. which god is worth buying ?
  57. What character has REPEAL (passive) ?
  58. Talisman choose for Osiris, Set and Doomsday Eddie
  59. Talisman sets for the Witch Doctor
  60. Assassin New Born of Light
  61. Gods of Powerslave in the Frontier Store
  62. Horus+stun
  63. Crusader Eddie (Magus Type)
  64. Piece of Mind Eddie team help
  65. Buy Alex Ed or Save IC
  66. Icarus and Daedalus
  67. Edward the Great or Corrupt General or both shard next?
  68. Need help with 4th Toon please
  69. Warrior Corrupt Rescuer
  70. Assassin Lilith
  71. Horus or saving FC for future
  72. Who should I skillshard?
  73. Specialty Characters to Upgrade
  74. Final Frontier Eddie (Sentinel Type)
  75. Phantom Eddie (Warrior Type)
  76. What to skillshard?
  77. Skillsharding and Team building...
  78. Samurai Emperor Eddie (Warrior Type)
  79. When will the Beast return?
  80. Musashi or gunner trickster?
  81. Team for Gauntlet
  82. Charakters with disable passive effects?
  83. Assassin Hellraiser
  84. Charlotte
  85. Talismans for Icarus
  86. Killers Eddie (Assassin Type)
  87. Getting back Basic Eddies
  88. Why are warriors so damn underwhelming?
  89. Guide: Characters Appearing in Night City
  90. Warrior Cotd
  91. magus lilith or horus
  92. Gunner Krampus
  93. Horus or Osiris?
  94. Past and future skills for some characters
  95. Bass Eddie (Magus Type)
  96. The Banshee Gang
  97. Who is your favorite looking Eddie?
  98. Tier List / Best Chars?
  99. Sekhmet's basic attack benefical effect removal
  100. Just for fun...ability design that makes no sense to you?
  101. Shadow Wicker Man Eddie (Magus Type)
  102. Lilith or Save for God
  103. Killer Prime vs Killer Beast
  104. Most OP character?
  105. Is This OP for even Eddie Carriage Rider!??
  106. Your Ranking of the Four and Five Star Eddies
  107. Nitro Trooper Eddie?
  108. New Fat Officer with Man boobs!
  109. Sentinel Golden Son Talismans
  110. Picked up Ichiyou
  111. Is it me or they exchanged Daedalus for Icarus?
  112. Something New on the horizon?
  113. Iron Maiden Eddie (Gunner Type)
  114. I made a comprehensive Eddie tier list!
  115. Assassin Hellraiser
  116. Pharaoh Ramesses Eddie (Sentinel Type)
  117. Purgatory Eddie speculation
  118. Number of the Beast Eddie (Warrior Type)
  119. Ancient Mariner Builds
  120. Is there a list....
  121. Musashi
  122. MR based character
  123. Characters with special scaling
  124. new characters or very old?
  125. Virtual XI Eddie (Sentinel Type)
  126. Maclo, Robo Scout
  127. Osiris or Alexander
  128. Number of the Beast Eddie Team Help
  129. Ferryman and KP - Fronteira Store
  130. Favorite looking Ally
  131. Wicker ___ Characters
  132. The Raven Witch
  133. What the crap?!
  134. Angel Eddie (Gunner Type)
  135. Gambler Eddie (Assassin Type)
  136. Most hated toon?
  137. Going further advice.
  138. Executioner Eddie (Assassin Type)